Glasha, the obese beluga (due to too much food) who is in danger of dying in a Russian water park

Glasha is a wonderful captive beluga whose weight has almost doubled. Her photo alerted marine biologists

Have you ever seen an obese beluga that can barely move? It had never happened to us and in fact it is not something that happens frequently in nature. But sadly, that's what happened to Glasha, a wonderful beluga that "lives" (or rather is forced to survive) in a tank of the water park of Sochi, in Russia, a city notorious for its marine specimens in captivity. In recent months the weight of the poor cetacean has almost doubled and the photo of him has also alerted the note marine biologist Naomi Rose, which intervened on the affair to denounce what happens in these structures where animals are not only exploited for profit, but also exposed to serious health risks. 

“Glasha's image shocked me. He is grotesquely obese and this photograph has not been modified, it represents his real appearance "- comments the marine biologist on the Facebook page From The Dolphin's Point of View -" This photo was sent to me by someone who asked me how he became like that. And my answer was simple: they are giving him too much food. But there is so much more. Why is she too fed? The most likely explanation, the biologist points out, is that, even if I don't have the evidence, that facility may have some kind of public feeding program that provides, for an extra fee, the ability to feed the whales by visitors, generating an increase. financial".

Time for another blog.It's been a while. But seeing the attached photograph shocked this blog out of me.This is…

Posted by From The Dolphin's Point of View on Monday, May 3, 2021

Per Glasha obesity could prove to be fatal, but that doesn't seem to matter to the managers and veterinarians of the Russian water park at all. As the expert explains, “Belugas naturally accumulate more fat than dolphins due to the icy habitat they live in in the wild. If we then consider that the small pools where they are held severely limit their swimming and movements, that's it ".

It is not the first time that reports of animal abuse cases have come from Russia (because it is mistreatment!).

“The facilities I visited in Russia all have rather poor conditions” - adds Naomi Rose - “They are too small and unsuitable. And the issue of nutrition is a new problem. I don't really know what else to say about it, except that despite everything I have seen, learned and experienced, I am still shocked at what is done to these fantastic mammals. "  

And, seeing the photo of poor Gasha suffering and clumsy, and locked up in a tiny tub, we too were speechless ...

Fonte: From The Dolphin’s Point of View

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