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Editor's Note

By JCB on Sunday, March 15, 2009

Agony & Ivy has been dormant, but is not dead. Major disappointment last fall, followed by my third year of law school, had sapped my energy to post. But spring returns for baseball-watchers, too.

I'll be making some minor updates to the site soon, updating links and so on. I'll also be writing about spring training, which I'll attend in two weekends. And I have a few other things planned for this summer and fall.

In the meantime, if people are unaware, The Baseball Chronicle, an online magazine, now exists. I think this is a brilliant, timely, and valuable project.

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Editor's Note

By JCB on Monday, March 31, 2008

PMc - Are you out there?

I've tried to maintain contact with professional sports journalist PMc this off-season, who has written in this space before. However, he's moved, and his e-mail addresses are no longer working. Here's hoping he swings by the site, gets in touch, and resurrects the column.

If there's anyone else who is interested in writing a bi-weekly literary-journalistic column about the Chicago Cubs this season, let me know.


Quick Admin Notes

By JCB on Monday, April 3, 2006

A couple of quick administrative items:

  • The forum for Game Notes is back up. The link is on the left. I archived the old forum and installed a new version of YaBB, the forum software I prefer. This means that anyone who wants to weigh in with insights, quips or analysis will need to create a login account all over again. Please do!

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Admin Note: Exploited

By JCB on Sunday, February 5, 2006

Well, a malicious codewriter exploited Agony & Ivy today. There is a vulnerability with Linux webservers that allowed a rogue program to append code to the backend of this page because it uses PHP to present content. Someone wrote a program scanning for servers that had such a vulnerability, and then automatically exploited ones it could. The code it appended was sloppy, however, so rather than going unnoticed it broke the page. I've since tightened security as much as I can, so hopefully that's enough to keep it from happening again... but there's a possibility this is just the beginning of something much bigger than this little corner of the internet, so who knows.

Anyway, if you happened to be swinging by here to read week-old content, sorry that the page was down.

Also -- the discussion forum will also be down for a while. I didn't have a chance to rebuild it as I did the main page. Although, I'm thinking about upgrading it to a new platform anyway, in which case I may not do anything other than bring it back for archival / browsing purposes, while it's replaced for the 2006 season. Especially since my friend KEJ has a great idea for an A&I virtual gathering to watch a game every couple of weeks, with discussion highlights (ie jokes, but also insights) to be posted similar to how I post Best of Game Notes. More on that in the coming weeks.



By JCB on Friday, June 24, 2005

Agony & Ivy is pleased to welcome Peter McCleery!

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Quick Admin Notes

By JCB on Saturday, June 4, 2005

Just a couple of quick items to mention.

First, did you catch Len Kasper's interview on If you're like me and you've warmed up to Len this year, swing by and read this. Or, if you haven't, maybe now you will. The guy is genuinely funny and cool and classy. (Scroll to question from Crazee Eyes Killa) Right now, if I had to choose between offering Len Kasper or Corey Patterson a long term deal, I'd choose Len. It's also great that Len would be willing to take the time to correspond with the guys at Desipio. In short, with the fans, I think Len gets it.

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Quick Admin Notes

By JCB on Monday, April 4, 2005

Be sure to follow the A&I game notes! (Link is on the side.) I'll be posting something up there every day, and I'll do my best to keep it interesting, with decent observations and humor.

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