Zucchini: the 10 best recipes to enjoy them at their best

Zucchini, recipes and ideas to enjoy them to the fullest. How to prepare and store freshly picked zucchini from the garden.

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Le zucchini they are one of the most loved vegetables of the summer. We take the opportunity to enjoy them in a thousand different ways, as long as they are still in season and we can collect them directly from our garden or buy them at the farmer's market. Zucchini are excellent as a side dish, in many variations, but also as a condiment for rice and pasta. You knew you could cook in the sun, in a really ecological way? Here are some easy recipes to try right away.


Zucchini stuffed with cherry tomatoes (vegan recipe)

Zucchini stuffed with cherry tomatoes is a light and tasty second course. To be served both hot and at room temperature, and very simple and quick to prepare. For the success of the dish we advise you to use small / medium-sized zucchini, the large ones contain too much water and therefore could compromise the cooking of the zucchini stuffed with cherry tomatoes. Here the complete recipe.

Stuffed courgettes with asparagus

The recipe for stuffed zucchini with asparagus is very simple to make, an original idea to serve these two vegetables in the same dish, which will appeal to both adults and children. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Stuffed courgettes with millet and olives

Zucchini stuffed with millet and olives is a gluten-free recipe, easy to make and perfect to prepare for a buffet or an aperitif, but also to take to the office to be consumed even at room temperature for the lunch break. Here the complete recipe.

Vegetarian zucchini rolls with pistachio

These vegetarian zucchini rolls with pistachio represent a fresh and easy to make fingerfood, just grill the zucchini in advance, prepare the filling and voilà proceed with the assembly. Here the complete recipe.

Carrot and zucchini tart

A simple but effective recipe, a carrot and zucchini tart made with brisee pasta and seasonal vegetables. Here is the recipe to follow with the doses and the various stages of preparation.

White courgette parmigiana

The white zucchini parmigiana is a fresh, summer vegetarian second course that can also be served in convenient single portions and that, of course, will make the whole family happy. Here you will find the complete recipe to follow.

Zucchini pesto

A variant of basil pesto can be obtained by adding zucchini to its preparation, the zucchini pesto can be prepared with both raw zucchini and cooked zucchini even if in real pesto all the ingredients should be raw. In both cases we advise you to cut the courgettes into cubes. Then you can decide to blend them raw directly with the other ingredients or to cook them in a pan or steam before blending them. Here you will find the complete recipe

Hamburger Zucchini

Made with seasonal vegetables and buckwheat flour, the zucchini burgers are gluten-free and therefore are perfect to be served even to those with intolerances or celiacs. The preparation of this dish is very simple, the courgettes are finely chopped, mixed with buckwheat flour and oil; this soft mixture can then be cooked in a pan or it can also be baked in the oven. Here you will find the complete recipe.

Round courgettes stuffed with rice and potatoes

To prepare the round zucchini stuffed with rice and potatoes, you can use the round zucchini, and prepare a tasty egg-free filling consisting of rice, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and the pulp of the zucchini. Here the complete recipe.

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Venere rice with vegan zucchini

Venere rice with zucchini is a good, nutritious and easy to make dish. You can also prepare it in advance to enjoy it lukewarm, but it can also be made as an alternative to classic rice salads. Here is the recipe to follow.

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