Zeolite: the mineral that absorbs metals and fights free radicals

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Nicknamed "the scavenger of the body", zeolite has the great ability to absorb toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and free radicals

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Zeolite is a mineral of volcanic origin which, thanks to its microporous structure, can be useful for our body to detoxify itself from the harmful substances that circulate inside it, due to cell metabolism or external factors such as nutrition and respiration.

The zeolite, in fact, nicknamed "the scavenger of the organism”Has the great ability to absorb toxins, heavy metals, pesticides and mycotoxins.

Once it has entered our body and arrived in the gastro-intestinal tract, it is not only non-toxic but is not even absorbed, in fact it carries out its work inside the intestine, thanks to a chemical reaction. Zeolite has a negatively charged crystalline structure and therefore absorbs cations, or substances that have a positive charge, including heavy metals, nitrosamines and ammonium.

The zeolite has excellent potential in preserve the body from free radical damage thanks to its antioxidant qualities and also, thanks to the reduction of ammonium ions inside the body, taking zeolite promotes concentration, decreases the sense of tiredness, increases physical resistance and reduces lactic acid. This is why sportspeople often take it.

In addition to the internal use of zeolite, this mineral is also great for topical applications in case of acne, itching, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin problems. In this case you need to take a pin of powder and dab it on the affected areas with a wad soaked in water, massaging gently.


With regard to the powdered zeolite, as a prevention you can take the tip of 1 teaspoon 2 times a day before meals, while if you want to do a detoxification from heavy metals the recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon (5 grams) half an hour before each main meal. If taken in capsules, the recommended dose is usually 3 per day. The only precaution to have when taking zeolite is to drink a lot of water, given the absorbing power of this mineral, the possible contraindication is to start having constipation problems.


Zeolite is a product that is not yet very widespread and therefore it is not always readily available in herbalists and health food and remedies stores. Often however, upon request, it is possible to order it and it is a service that traditional pharmacies also offer. The alternative is to buy zeolite powder or capsules based on this mineral directly online.


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