You can relieve headaches without drugs thanks to these foods

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Headache, how to deal with the problem? To prevent and relieve headaches, nutrition plays a role that should not be underestimated.

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Headache, how to deal with the problem? To prevent and relieve headache there are numerous natural remedies. It is good to know that nutrition plays a role that should not be underestimated, also with regard to prevention.

Some foods may help you, especially if you often suffer from headaches. Here are some that you could try adding to your shopping list, so you can bring them to the table more frequently.



According to the nutrition expert Erin Palinski, the headache in some cases can be caused by a deficiency potassium. The advice is to prepare an excellent potato-based side dish, to be cooked and eaten with the peel, as in the case of baked potatoesthe baked potatoes. A baked potato with the skin on can contain up to 721 mg of potassium

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In the opinion of the nutritionist Stella Metsovas, in many cases among the causes of headache we find the dehydration. For this reason it can be useful to consume foods rich in water, such aswatermelon. The water naturally present in fruits and vegetables in addition to hydrating the body contains essential minerals for the prevention of headaches, such as magnesium.


Le almonds they are one of the most important food sources of magnesium. According to experts, magnesium can be helpful in relieving tension that can affect blood vessels and cause headaches. To increase the magnesium intake through diet, experts advise to enrich the diet with dried apricots, almonds, avocados, brown rice and legumes.

Sesame seeds

Don't forget to enrich soups, salads and muesli with the Sesame seeds, especially if you suffer from headaches. Sesame seeds are rich in Vitamin E and can help women stabilize estrogen levels throughout their period. Additionally, vitamin E improves circulation, which can be helpful, according to nutrition experts, in preventing headaches.


- spinach help to lower the blood pressure and relieve headaches. To prevent pain from coming, you could try using fresh spinach leaves instead of lettuce to make your salads, as expert Erin Palinski suggests. You can add walnuts and almonds to your spinach salad.


Among the useful resources to prevent and combat headaches we find the Vitamin B6, which is present in foods such as bananas and which helps to increase serotonin levels in the brain, leading to an anti-depressant action. This would help reduce the pain sensation. Vitamin B6 would also be useful for counteracting mental fatigue.

Flax seed

I flax seed they are associated with numerous health benefits due to their fatty acid content omega 3. These substances help fight the migraines and have anti-inflammatory properties. The advice is to add flax seeds to breakfast cereals or salads after having chopped them, so that the body can assimilate them.

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Many of you will already know it ginger as food and natural remedy suitable in case of nausea or sore throat. Ginger is a anti-inflammatory e painkiller natural that can be useful for relieving headaches, thanks to its content of substances that help the body to perceive pain less intensely. You could therefore try drinking a good ginger tea when you feel that the headache is coming or when it is already present. Ginger, as a food to relieve headaches, is indicated in all its forms, even raw or in the form of candy.

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Anyone who loves the spicy taste might be happy to know that the Chili pepper it is considered a useful food to counteract headaches and to relieve pain. The positive effects of chilli are due to its content of capsaicin, which makes it an anti-inflammatory and a natural pain reliever, useful not only in case of headaches, but also for back pain or toothache.


Il but may be useful for preventing headache due to its content of Vitamin B3. This substance, in fact, supports the functionality of the blood vessels and calm your nerves. If your diet is not rich enough in vitamin B3, stress-related headaches may occur. This is why it is recommended that you enrich your diet with foods that contain it, such as corn, beans, potatoes and tomatoes.


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