Yoga: Top 10 Teachers To Follow At Home (Free) On YouTube To Increase Your Flexibility

Yoga: Top 10 Teachers To Follow At Home (Free) On YouTube To Increase Your Flexibility

Are you trying to get closer to Yoga and don't know where to start? Or are you a yoga addicted looking for new courses to continue discovering and exploring this discipline? Whatever your needs, here are the 10 must-follow teachers on YouTube.

Lo Yoga it is an increasingly widespread and appreciated discipline. In addition to the well-being of the mind, it improves flexibility, balance and makes you stronger because it also allows you to work at the muscular level.

Doing yoga can also help you lose weight, especially if you prefer dynamic yoga; obviously, this activity must be accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, as well as an active lifestyle.

More and more people are approaching this discipline, because it increases concentration, self-awareness, it is a way to know yourself more deeply and get in touch with your nature.

Doing yoga at home it is possible, as long as you know the qualified teachers and let yourself be guided. So let's discover the yoga teachers not to be missed on YouTube.

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Denise Dellagiacoma

If you are looking for a good and trained yoga teacher, you definitely can't miss it Denise Dellagiacoma.

On his YouTube channel you will find different types of videos, from yoga classes to sessions dedicated to meditation, but also total body yoga and Pilates videos.

Michela Maltoni

Michela Maltoni is a certified yoga teacher. In addition to the YouTube channel, she also founded her own school "Let it Yoga".
Former dancer, Michela then approached this discipline, becoming a yoga, meditation and Pilates teacher.

On his YouTube channel you will find many types of videos, from tutorials to improve positions (asanas) to courses for Yogalates, a fusion of yoga and Pilates, but also videos of Power yoga, yoga during pregnancy, Vinyasa flow and much more.

Eliana Dell'Anna

Eliana Dell'Anna was a professional dancer, then she left everything to devote herself to yoga, physical and mental well-being. She comes up with her to devise her own style of yoga, called her Mindful Dance Flow.

On his YouTube channel you will find different types of videos, from yoga detox to muscle awakening, but also videos dedicated to the various asanas and how to perform them step by step.

claudia casanova

Claudia Casanova has always been passionate about yoga and fitness, is a certified teacher of Power yoga and Vinyasa.

On Claudia's YouTube channel you will find several courses suitable for everyone, both for beginners and for those at a more advanced level.

Breath and Flow

Breath and Flow is the YouTube channel of a couple of teachers. Here you will find various types of yoga workouts, for advanced and beginners, but also dedicated to pregnancy, such as the sessions of Prenatal Yoga.

There are also videos of Yin Yoga, functional Yoga Flow, Full body yoga, stretching sessions, meditation and mindfulness.

The Yoga Monkey

Among the best yoga teachers, the channel of The Yoga Monkey. The founder of this channel and project is Sara Bigatti, who has been teaching Yoga for several years after studying around the world.

On the YouTube channel there are videos and courses for all tastes and needs, from yoga to start the day to yoga detox courses, to yoga for high blood pressure or to relieve pain.

Jessica Richburg

Another YouTube channel not to be missed if you are passionate about yoga is that of Jessica Richburg. A young yoga teacher who conveys all of her passion and energy.

On the channel you will find videos for everyone, beginners and not, but also sessions dedicated to stretching and meditation, yoga classes for runners, for those returning from the office, and even videos of Power yoga or Vinyasa flow.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is another YouTube channel not to be missed.

What will you find? Tons of yoga videos for all levels, from sessions to yoga detox yoga for waking up in the morning, but also total body, Vinyasa flow for the whole body and videos dedicated to toning different muscle groups through yoga.

Natalia Sense

On the Youtube channel of Natalia Sense you will find yoga classes and stretching, meditation flow, full body yoga videos but also sessions dedicated to back or leg lengthening.

Move with Nicole

Move with Nicole is a channel dedicated to yoga, Pilates and fitness. Why do we recommend it? Nicole is an experienced teacher and her videos are really easy to follow.

You will find the yoga class that best suits your needs, also in terms of duration. For example, there are yoga and Pilates video workouts for the whole body or sessions of strong yoga to tone, up to videos dedicated to muscle stretching.

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