Yoga is for everyone: 10 reasons to practice it even if you are not thin and flexible

Yoga is for everyone, not just those who are thin and flexible. Indeed, those who want to acquire agility and flexibility will be able to benefit precisely from Yoga, even if it is not the main objective of this practice.

Lo Yoga it's for everyone, not just those who are thin and flexible. Indeed, those who want to buy agility and flexibility it will benefit, even if it is not the main goal of this practice.

In fact, it is important to remember that Yoga is above all a spiritual practice and of inner growth. And it is equally true that not only the mind and one's emotional state will benefit from it, but also the body. This because Yoga brings into play all aspects of one's life: emotions, nutrition, physical activity, relationship with others, with oneself and with one's body. And not only.

Maybe you haven't started yet practicing Yoga because you have let yourself be discouraged by the images they portray twisted poses that seem unattainable to you. In reality, to reach the true goal of Yoga, starting from contact with your deepest self, it will not be necessary to practice impossible positions.

So what if you've never attended one Yoga lesson, take heart, choose a good teacher and try. Be aware that Yoga transforms body and soul from the first lesson onwards. Over time, you will probably be able to acquire that flexibility that you don't seem to have now.

Here 10 reasons to start practicing Yoga even if you are not thin and flexible.


Discover limits and potential

Which ones are they your true limits from the physical point of view? Perhaps thanks to Yoga you will discover that you are less rigid and awkward than you think and you will understand what your real potential is. On the one hand, Yoga will invite you to become aware of your limits for practice without hurting yourself or harm you, on the other hand it will gradually pave the way for improvement.

Facilitate positions

Some people perform certain asanas perfectly but fail to practice other postures. It all depends on your physical conformation, the state of your muscles, joints and other individual factors. In asanas it is very important to keep the body well aligned so that the position has a beneficial effect. And this can also be achieved by using supports like straps and bricks. A good teacher will show you how to benefit from the use of supports in the practice of asanas.

Love your body

It is one of the positive effects of practicing asanas. Today's busy life leads us to miss the authentic contact with our body. We must not forget that the body is an important expression of ourselves. Yoga, thanks to the asanas and moments dedicated to relaxation, will help you to love yourself.

Learn to meditate

Do you know what yoga asanas really are for? To accustom the body to remain seated for a long time for the practice of meditation. Yoga is beneficial for the muscles and joints. After training your body, you can more easily dedicate yourself to the practice of meditation and your inner growth. "A sound mind in a sound body" is an ancient saying to always keep in mind.

Regain self-esteem

During this time you may be suffering from low self-esteem and you feel like you don't have a shred of self-confidence. Your emotional condition may have to do with many aspects of life. Do you have such a low regard for yourself that you believe that you cannot participate in a Yoga class and yet you would like to at least try? So take heart and ask to be able to take a trial lesson.

Experience something new

How long have you been planning to experience something new in your life? If you can, try not to get sucked into the daily routine, habits and usual mechanisms that make you lazy. Win the boredom and decide to take a Yoga class at least one evening a week or when you have some free time. Try it, even just out of curiosity, and maybe you will find that this practice is for you even if you do not consider yourself flexible enough.

Put the competition aside

During a Yoga class the competition it should never exist. The practice of Yoga is not an athletic competition. Everyone has their own body, their own physical structure and abilities different from those of the others. Understanding that Yoga is primarily a personal journey will erase the fear of feeling inferior to your classmates.

Proceed step by step

Being gods beginners as far as Yoga is concerned it is really a point in your favor. In fact you will learn how to practice the asanas very calmly starting from the basic positions. Some asanas have progressive levels of difficulty and you can start from the simplest movements and positions to approach Yoga. This is how you will progress and that over time you will achieve satisfactory results.

Rediscover your body

Some people initially approach the practice of Yoga because they would like to start doing a gentle activity that helps them to become more familiar with their body and maybe even nurture the hope of being able to lose weight. There is nothing wrong with approaching Yoga with these motivations. Over time you will realize that rediscovering and accepting your body will bring benefits to other areas of your life as well.

Know and listen to each other

How long have you not really listened to your body's signals and you don't listen to yours emotions? The fact of not feeling up to practicing Yoga for reasons related to your body could prevent you from starting a truly precious journey to discover yourself and your inner world. Yoga, starting from the practice of asanas, will teach you to listen to yourself and to know yourself better.

Don't give up trying at least once in your life. Give yourself this great opportunity.

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