“Wow therapy”, how to bring wonder into your life

Wow therapy, the ability to enjoy and marvel at the little facts of every day. Increase Emodiversity: Up to 16 positive emotions that have extraordinary effects on health.

Do not keep the avocado like this: Wow therapy, the ability to enjoy and marvel at the little facts of every day, is dangerous. Increase Emodiversity: Up to 16 positive emotions that have extraordinary effects on health.

Jesus and Peter were walking in a field when suddenly they saw a dog. From a distance he seemed to be sleeping; approaching they could see that instead it was the carcass of a dead and decaying animal. Peter said, "Master, get away from there." Jesus, on the other hand, came closer, looked at her carefully and exclaimed: "What beautiful white teeth she has!". The episode, recounted in one of the apocryphal Gospels, contains the extreme synthesis of wow therapy, an approach to life that draws on an ancient wisdom: the know how to be amazed, to appreciate and enjoy what is there.

It is not about "being satisfied". "Life is a journey of the gaze" said Max Planck, father of quantum physics. The reality external to us is not static, but rather flexible: it depends on how we look at it and perceive it, on the value and importance we give it and on the consequent emotions, reflections and considerations of values ​​and perspectives that it solicits us. It's like saying: if I can eat "only" a piece of bread, I don't put a good face on a bad situation and I'm happy with what I have. I change my vision: I look at the shape of that piece of bread, I feel its different textures, I smell its scent, I pause in chewing to appreciate the different parts and savor its taste to the full. If I were satisfied, I would be left with regret for everything that is not on the table or I guess there should be. If I honor the beauty and the good of what is and I can stay in it, then I will be happy, satisfied.

Highlight the positive - without denying, denying, not seeing the rest of reality (returning to the opening story: Jesus naturally saw the decomposition of the dog's body) - allows you to always remain in connection with the creative wave of the universe, in the awareness that everything is connected and has a meaning (while, often, difficulties, hitches, even very tiring moments make us lose sight of all this, forget the beauty that always inhabits our life, inside and outside of we).

The consequences are then evident and are substantiated in the ability to live and modulate well 16 positive emotions that make us feel: active, alert, have fun, cheerful, calm, comfortable, determined, enthusiastic, excited, happy, caring, inspired, interested, healthy proud, relaxed and strong.

This wealth of positive emotions is defined as "hemodiversity"; science has shown that it heavily affects our health: reduces inflammation (which underlie most diseases), the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and the whole spectrum of cardiovascular diseases. Increase resilience, that is, our ability to adaptively cope with difficult moments. Significantly reduces i physiological damage caused by distress.

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To begin to enter the wow therapy in one's life it is enough, after all, very little and - moreover - there is no expense to bear. Here she is list of "magic remedies" to be taken:

let yourself be surprised, take nothing for granted;

identify, in every situation, a constructive / positive aspect;

set new practical objectives (realistic and not suggested by external comparisons or models);

practice gratitude;

to name and honor the beauty of nature;

start new businesses;

do a minimum of daily sporting activity and increase the quality (which is more important than quantity) of our relationships.

They help: the practice of a meditation (badly going, even for just a few minutes a day) and an authentically spiritual approach to life.

Anna Maria Cebrelli

Illustrations: Marie Cardouat

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