Working with your hands relieves stress and is good for your health!

Pursuing your creative hobbies is not only fun but also useful for taking care of yourself and improving your well-being.

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Dedicating yourself to your creative hobbies is an activity, not only fun, but also useful for taking care of yourself and improving your well-being. Also said art therapy, it's about a tool that in some cases can become a real collateral treatment to other types of treatments.

We often underestimate the fact that manual activities, and especially creative ones, are therapeutic like meditation and yoga. And this has been proven by various researches. In New Zealand, for example, a team of psychologists sampled 658 university students who, during the experiment, had to keep a daily diary of their activities and mood for 13 days.

Analyzing what was written, the experts realized that the boys were more positive and enthusiastic if the day before they had dedicated themselves to some creative activity of their taste. Pursuing one's favorite artistic hobbies (writing poems or stories, painting, knitting or crocheting, experimenting with cooking recipes, singing or playing) thus helped to increase perceived well-being and, consequently, improved creativity itself.

The benefits of art therapy have been exploited for several years now. It was the first to propose it Edith Kramer, psychotherapist who experienced its potential in a really difficult context, in fact he worked with the children who survived the concentration camps.

Modern medicine is becoming increasingly aware of the potential of art therapy which, in some cases, combines painting, singing, acting, music, creative writing, knitting sessions with other types of treatments, and for some types of patients. , etc.

For example, we told you about Canada where doctors can prescribe an original "medicine" to their patients, that of visiting a museum. In this case, one does not carry out a manual activity in first person but in any case one benefits from the power of art as therapy.


The benefits of art therapy

Working with your own hands creating something from nothing offers us many advantages:

  • increases the feeling of well-being
  • improves mood
  • gives satisfaction and strengthens self-esteem
  • helps to overcome one's limits
  • drives away problems, worries and stress
  • increases creativity
  • dormant emotions awaken
  • you can have insights and find unexpected resolutions to your problems

Mandala Therapy

We have told you about a particular and modern "branch" of art therapy. This is Mandala Therapy, a manual and creative activity that in recent years has been gaining more and more ground, and enjoys good success for the well-being it provides to those who experience it. It's about coloring mandalas, a seemingly simple but actually very powerful activity, is in fact capable of activate the right hemisphere, which is the most creative part of our brain.

This area risks being overshadowed by our lifestyle, social conventions and the often rigid systems of our schools that give more space to logic rather than creativity.

Coloring is an activity that gives us the opportunity to lighten the mind, removing worries and enjoying a moment of relaxation. Among other things, activities of this type allow us to produce endorphins and serotonin and consequently to experience greater well-being.

In this situation of beneficial "lightness" we may also have insights and new ideas to solve our problems or improve our lives. And there are many benefits for children too.

Which manual and creative activity to choose

The answer is simple: the one you like best, gives you the most satisfaction or for which you are more inclined or you feel "attracted".

As the authors of the book “Handmade - fixing oneself through creativity”, Arzu Tahsin and Rosmary Davidson explain:

“It is correct to address the one that most attracts us, bearing in mind that often the materials used also refer to inner needs: each material is considered a psychic content and with real sensory repercussions. If you touch wool and cotton, for example, you will stimulate the sensation of warmth, the image of a nest, we speak of an internal house, of feeling safe ".

All that remains is to choose between painting, writing, knitting, ceramics, diy, music, singing (and so on and so forth!), find some time to devote to your creative hobby and use it to feel better day after day.

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