Without Voice? Try natural remedies and homeopathy!

Hoarseness, sore throat, aphonia. What are the natural and homeopathic remedies to improve the condition of our voice? Doctor Roberto Ciuffolotti, ENT doctor expert in homeopathy in Rimini, makes available his knowledge on homeopathic remedies for voice disorders. In addition, we have collected for you some of the most popular natural remedies applied in this area

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Hoarseness, sore throat, aphonia. What are the natural and homeopathic remedies to improve the conditions of ours voice? The doctor Roberto Ciuffolotti, doctor ENT laryngologist expert in homeopathy in Rimini, makes available his knowledge on homeopathic remedies for voice disturbances. We have also indicated some of the natural remedies that are applied in this area, such as the use of mallow and erism, the herb of the singers.

Here are what they are the main disorders of the voice e 10 useful tips, natural and homeopathic remedies that might help you.


The disturbances of the voice

1) Hoarseness: also known by the term xerophony, it is characterized by a hoarse and veiled voice, and is one of the main symptoms related to winter diseases.

2) Phonoasthenia: this is a decrease in the intensity of the voice or the interruption of a note. The voice is weak and tired.

3) Aphonia: the voice is totally absent. It can be determined by various factors, such as psychophysical fatigue, inhalation of foreign bodies, bilateral paralysis of the speech muscles of both vocal cords.



Homeopathic remedy designed for quick relief in case of fatigue in the vocal cords. Its formulation contains some substances traditionally used by homeopathic pharmacology for the symptomatic treatment of acute laryngitis. The dosage is 2 tablets every 2-3 hours, until the symptoms gradually decrease. It can also be taken for prevention in doses of 1 tablet per day for as long as the voice is used more than usual.

Phytolacca 7 CH

In the dose of 5 granules every 2-3 hours it is especially prescribed in the presence of extensive inflammation of the throat, with hoarseness and laryngeal pain radiating to the ears.

Potassium bichromicum 9 CH

Treatment with homeopathic medicines is also indicated when voice disorders are caused by gastroesophageal reflux, with involvement of the pharynx and vocal cords, which can become irritated. In particular, the expert recommends taking Kalium bichromicum 9 CH and Argentum nitricum 9 CH taking both 4 granules 3 times during the day away from meals and reducing the frequency based on the improvement obtained.

Fumenti with baking soda

The fumenti (or fumigis) with the sodium bicarbonate they are useful not only in case of colds and stuffy nose, but also for voice disorders. Especially the expert advises fumenti with water and bicarbonate or chamomile (whole dried flowers to be poured into a pot of very hot water) and bicarbonate.

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Cypress essential oil

In case of hoarse voice and drop in voice, the French pharmacist Danièle Festy, expert in essential oils, suggests using cypress essential oil. Pour 1 drop of cypress essential oil in 1 teaspoon of maple syrup and add it all to an infusion of thyme. Repeat the remedy 3 times a day. For more information, consult the guide: "My Bible of essential oils" (Edizioni Sonda).


Erysim is known as grass of the singers - considered excellent for throat inflammations. It is used for the preparation of a tincture and herbal teas. It is recommended for laryngitis, pharyngitis and tracheitis. It is also found in tablets. For the mother tincture, the advice is to take 30 to 50 drops with a little water 2/3 times a day. THU other useful info.

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In case of inflammation of the upper airways and of ailments such as laryngitis, pharyngitis and cough, one can prepare one mallow herbal tea (it is easily found in herbal medicine) to drink as needed leaving 10 teaspoon of flowers and leaves to infuse for about 15-1 minutes for each cup of boiling water used. THU other useful information on uses and properties of mallow.

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In case of hoarseness you can prepare one herbal tea based on ginger, which will help you find relief. This herbal tea is also useful for preventing colds. With ginger, cinnamon, cloves and bancha tea you can prepare a suitable herbal tea. THU the complete recipe.

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Avoid alcohol and coffee

In case of gastric reflux which affects voice disorders, the expert recommends avoiding alcohol, coffee, and acidic foods. If you lie down after meals, it is best to do so by keeping your torso as vertical as possible.

Avoid smoking

Avoid smoking, even passive smoking, and alcohol as much as possible: tobacco in particular is a major cause of chronic laryngeal irritation and the progressive edemization of the vocal cords. It also promotes the damage generated by gastroesophageal reflux and increases the risk of developing degenerative pathologies at the mucous level, according to the expert's indications.

Which ones are they your natural remedies for voice disorders?

Marta Albè

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