With the new two-zone air fryer you can cook two dishes at the same time and save on your bill

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Here comes the new air fryer that allows you to cook two dishes at the same time, thus saving time, energy and money

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If you already know the air fryer you know it is an innovative appliance that allows you to cooking with less fat. Thanks to its hot air jet technology, which makes food crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it allows you to create a real frying with very little oil.

Today these kitchen items are increasingly sophisticated and versatile. For example, FRIGGISANO DUO G3FERRARI, the brand new Air Fryer a due zone just arrived on the market, it not only allows you to make a great variety of preparations, but also to cook two different dishes at the same time finishing cooking at the same time.

What you may not know is that the air fryer, in addition to being practical, is also a smart choice for those who follow a lifestyle that is attentive to health and respect for the environment, thanks to its advantages. It is also true, on the one hand, that the air fryer has a energy consumption high enough (800 / 2000w) to reach a temperature of about 200 °, but you must also keep in mind that the food cooks more quickly thanks to the high power hot air jet and there is no need to preheat. The consumption aspect, in any case, is amply compensated by the others benefits.

The first benefit is the ability to cooking healthily: reducing the use of up to 80% less fat we make a great gift to our health, without giving up some delicious frying from time to time - a dish that would otherwise be absolutely off-limits for those with cholesterol problems or following a controlled diet. With air frying, the small amount of fat used (about a teaspoon) it does not risk reaching the smoke point, therefore to develop potentially carcinogenic substances. In this way, even smoke and bad smells are reduced: an aspect unrelated to health but certainly not to be underestimated!

Even from an ecological point of view, reducing the use of fats has positive consequences: air frying means no longer having the problem of disposal of used oil which - it is always good to remember - must be conferred in the special binders at the ecological island of your city. Those who fry often generally equip themselves with a home binder that prevents unpleasant odors, to be emptied once full at the appropriate collection point. Whether you are a fan of fried food or an occasional consumer, you absolutely must not throw used oil down the household drains in order not to damage the purification systems and especially the environment. With the air fryer you no longer have this problem and contribute to reduce the volume of waste which require special disposal.

Then there is the aspect of cleaning, which further contributes to reducing the impact of our daily activities on the environment. FRIGGISANO DUO G3FERRARI has non-stick internal surfaces that clean quickly with a little water and a non-abrasive sponge. Less oil means less effort e less detergent for cleaning; therefore, everything becomes easier and more ecological!

If your Green lifestyle leads you to choose only healthy and natural foods and to pay attention to the environmental impact of your every daily gesture, perhaps you have never thought that a deep fryer could be part of your kitchen equipment. And instead FRIGGISANO DUO also responds to needs of healthy cooking, without giving up some whim. On the contrary, the taste doubles thanks to the two cooking baskets that synchronize to make the two dishes arrive on your table, hot and fragrant at the same time. So you can to put together those who have different tastes and make happy both those who want to eat baked vegetables and the diehards of French fries!

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