With a vegetarian or vegan diet, CO2 emissions are halved

According to a new study, people who eat a meat-rich diet contribute twice the CO2 emissions of a vegetarian and even more of a vegan.

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- intensive animal husbandry create large amounts of CO2 and consequently those who follow a diet in which meat is very present is responsible for almost double the emissions compared to a vegetarian and even more to a vegan. To say a new English research.

The studio wanted compare the eating habits of about 55 people in the UK they ate meat, fish only, or a vegetarian or vegan diet. The purpose of the research was quantify CO2 emissions which the different groups were responsible for according to their eating habits.

Here are the results calculated on a standard 2000 kcal diet: daily who eats a lot of meat (over 100 grams per day) is responsible for the emission of 7.19 Kg of C02 per day, those who consume an average of 5.63 kg, those who eat little (less than 50 grams per day) 4.67 kg, those who eat only fish 3.91 kg, vegetarians 3.81 kg and and vegans 2.89 kg.

All this is a consequence of the fact that to produce 1 kg of beef an emission of 68.8 kg of CO2 was estimated and for that of sheep of 64.2 kg. The situation is quite different if you grow 1 kg of corn (which produces only 0.7 kg of CO2), of beans (0.8 kg) or potatoes (0.4 kg).

This concretely means that a vegetarian and even more vegan diet is able to halve the emissions produced by the food sector.

All this is further confirmation of what a United Nations study, entitled "Our Nutrient World", had already said last year, in which it was recommended to become Demitarian, or to halving the consumption of meat to protect the environment, as well as your own health.

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