Why you should only take vitamin D supplements if you have a known deficiency

According to a major study, vitamin D supplements have no beneficial effect on the life expectancy of healthy people.

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The researchers conducted the D-Health Trial since 2014, to investigate benefits you get from regular vitamin D supplements. The D-Health Trial is one of the largest clinical trials and the second largest study of high-dose vitamin D in the world.

Their main goal was to investigate whether taking vitamin D supplements, in high doses, would have an impact on life expectancy for people over the age of 60.

Lo study found it was not there no benefit of taking vitamin D supplements without having a known deficiency. People with vitamin D deficiency often have more fragile bones, weaker muscles and a host of other health problems, and these are the people who need to take supplements to improve their health, according to researchers.

However, many people even without a deficiency turn to supplements, thinking they will get some benefit and extend their life expectancy. But the study results clearly show that the Vitamin D supplements do not protect against the development of respiratory infections, such as colds and flu, although there is a small reduction in the duration or severity of these conditions.

The study lasted five years and involved more than 21.000 patients, aged 60 to 79, who were given vitamin D supplements or a placebo in a double-blind system in which neither they nor the researchers knew whether they were taking vitamin D or not. There was a 5,3% mortality rate for those taking vitamin D, compared with 5,1% for those taking placebo.

Therefore, the data show that taking these supplements without having a real deficiency does not bring any change or benefit to your health conditions, but rather suffer from some problems (Vitamin D, let's not overdo it! The signals the body sends us when we are taking too much)

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Photos: The Lancet

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