Why the right mattress is essential to sleep well (and improve your health)

In today's busy world, sleeping well has become something of an indulgence. But proper sleep shouldn't be a luxury

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In today's busy world, sleeping well has become something of an indulgence. It fell low on our priority list behind work, chores, sociability, and entertainment. But proper sleep shouldn't be a luxury.

We live in an era where work and free time are confused, smart working has transformed many of our homes into offices, and for this reason it is even more important to think about unplugging and rest well.

Sleeping is a vital component for our psychophysical well-being: regenerating our body, releasing stress and guaranteeing optimal energy recovery. The body's need for sleep is a relatively new field of research and there are many studies.

Scientists are looking into what happens to the body during sleep and why the process itself is so essential. We know that sleep is necessary to maintain critical body functions, improve calorie reduction, restore energy, repair muscle tissue, reduce the risk of heart disease, allow the brain to process new information.

We also know what happens when the body doesn't get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause a variety of mental and physical problems, including impaired ability to think clearly, focus, react and control emotions.


The choice of mattress is fundamental

To improve the quality and duration of sleep, the choice of mattresses we use is fundamental. The perfect mattress must support our body at a time when the muscles are relaxed and above all must allow us to acclimatize to facilitate falling asleep in every season. It is also very important that the spine maintains its natural curvature, relieving pain and muscle tension, as well as having the correct degree of transpiration of the materials.

Chiaridiluna mattresses

Chiardiluna mattresses are 100% Made in Italy and combine breathability, comfort and ergonomics.

Technologically advanced and highly breathable, these products recreate the ideal night microclimate to favor the correct degree of air conditioning.

These mattresses are completely hypoallergenic thanks to the use of natural-based fabrics, capable of increasing perspiration in contact with the skin, ideal in both summer and winter. They do not attract dust or even mites, unlike purely synthetic fabrics such as polyester or elastane, where transpiration is significantly lower and it is easier to attract dust and mites thanks to the static electricity from rubbing.

In the various models of Chiardiluna mattresses natural fibers are used such as linen and cotton, Tencel®, a fiber derived from the pulp of wood, which has 3 levels of heat / humidity exchange and is therefore capable of capturing body moisture and removing it; Seacell® on the other hand is always a sustainable fiber, but based on cellulose extracted from algae, very breathable and soft, it is anti free radicals, absorbs humidity very well and is ideal for people allergic to dust, mites or those who suffer of skin irritations.

Chiardiluna products are the result of research and experience in the sector, as well as the ability to combine traditional craftsmanship, attention to well-being and the environment and technological know-how, with the "Just in Time" system that allows you to produce only what is needed, in the required quantity and when foreseen.

Chiardiluna bed systems are divided into distinct product lines, designed to solve specific needs.

The Ergonomic series

The Ergonomic series is designed to respond to different rest needs. The high-density and very high breathability Memory foams relieve muscle and back pain, giving unique comfort, while the natural-based Tencel® or Seacell® fabrics relieve allergies, even from contact.

In this collection we find the MED mattress, designed for those who have particularly sensitive skin or suffer from dust allergies. The upholstery fabric is removable and washable in water and is composed of sustainable seaweed-based yarns, completely hypoallergenic, breathable and very delicate to the touch, capable of absorbing moisture and preventing skin irritation, providing excellent back support , with a high degree of comfort.

The Classic series

The Classic series represents the evolution of classic spring mattresses, characterized by padding and natural fabrics. Among its products we find Geo, a mattress without memory defined by the high index of naturalness of its components, inspired by the Scandinavian style from which it takes the colors and the feeling that distinguishes it, the cover is in rustic fabric with a natural cotton base and linen, the structure with pocket springs and natural wool and cotton padding.

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