Why is it important to sleep on a good mattress (and pillow)?

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Let's find out how to choose a good mattress and a good pillow because the right choice can solve problems of insomnia and physical discomfort

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Choosing a good mattress can solve not only insomnia problems, but also various physical and psychological ailments related to a bad rest.

Several studies show that sleeping well is especially important for physical and psychological well-being. Having a good mattress is one of the key aspects that allows you to do this: many physical ailments, in fact, can be due to a bad mattress. In particular:


Muscle aches and back pain

To sleep well and enjoy everyday life, it is essential to choose the right mattress. Orthopedic mattresses can help those with lower back pain or spinal disorders. It is erroneously thought that an orthopedic mattress is a particularly rigid mattress.

Instead, to maintain correct posture, the spine, which connects the various parts of the skeleton, must remain in a natural position, and this is only ensured by a mattress with a high degree of adaptability to the curves of the body. In fact, assuming wrong positions during the night can cause the onset of severe dysmorphism and a mattress that is too hard could be the cause.

It is therefore yes, it is essential that the mattress is equipped with a high capacity to support the pressure zones exerted by the body, but that it is at the same time comfortable and welcoming.

The Emma Original memory mattress is equipped with 7 zones with differentiated support and its innovative combination of viscoelastic foams favors an optimal adaptation to any body structure. Moreover, thanks to the memory foam, it is able to perfectly accommodate the body, but after use, it always returns to its initial shape.

Cervical, what a pain!

In addition to a correct posture during the day, a healthy physical activity and the choice of an ergonomic pillow are important to avoid neck pain. The Emma pillow follows the idea of ​​the Emma mattress and is therefore suitable for any sleeping position.

Its peculiarity is that it can be customized in height, as the layers that compose it are removable and combinable at will according to the sleeping positions and personal needs and preferences. Thus, the Emma memory pillow always favors the necessary comfort for everyone.

Rolling over and over in bed without being able to fall asleep

How many times have you ever tossed and turned in bed before finding a comfortable enough position to fall asleep? 90% of the time this happens is due to an "uncomfortable" mattress.

The Emma Original mattress is made up of three layers of foam, for a total height of 25 cm: the combination of these foams allows an excellent level of adaptability to the shape of the body and therefore of sleeping comfort.

So why is Emma Original the right mattress?

Emma Original is composed of three layers of foam, specifically:

  • Airgocell® foam layer for optimal moisture regulation and high breathability;
  • Memory foam layer, for a correct progressive sinking of the heaviest areas of the body;
  • Cold foam layer for proper body support.

The memory foam mattress is perfect for those who suffer from lumbar and neck pain, as it correctly supports the body and, thanks to the "memory" effect of the memory foam, allows the body to sink into the mattress in a healthy way, preventing intake of unhealthy positions, the cause of painful and unpleasant awakenings.

Other information about Emma Original:

  • Best of Europe (29 awards)
  • Better than Other Consumption
  • Deductible medical device
  • 100-night trial, free shipping, free delivery and returns
  • 10 year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Possibility of payment in installments up to 24 months (optional)
  • Vacuum mattress in a box (bed-in-a-box)
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