Where are the Easter egg packaging thrown away?

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Let's find out how to properly dispose of the packaging and the surprise holder of Easter eggs after consuming them. Here are the most common mistakes

Whether it's dark, white or milk: the chocolate of Easter eggs everyone likes it, adults and children. After enjoying it, however, it is essential to recycle the packaging correctly. But where to dispose of them properly? The first step to understanding this is to check the type of material the casing is made of. In most cases, the eggs are covered with plastic wrapping (made of propylene) in bright colors. Do not be fooled, therefore, by those who call it the "paper" of the Easter egg. It should be thrown away among the plastic waste, as well as the oval container that contains the surprise and the egg holder.

Different is the case of Easter eggs wrapped in aluminum or colored fabric wrappers, which must be placed respectively in the metal container, together with the aluminum and steel packaging, and in the undifferentiated one. Even the ribbons and laces used to close the packages must be thrown away among the unsorted waste.

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As for the cardboard with the brand and the ingredients, it should be thrown between the paper. And if you have any doubts about how to properly dispose of waste, there are several applications including the revolutionary Junker. For those unfamiliar with it, this is a revolutionary and intuitive app: just frame the barcode printed on the packaging or write the type of waste to know where to throw it.

Before you get rid of the packaging, the surprise capsule and the Easter egg base, think about turning them into something else. In fact, with a little imagination, it is possible to create a myriad of things. A few examples? With the wrapper you can make kites and wrapping paper, while you can reuse the surprise holder to create maracas, containers for modeling clay or candle holders.

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