When gluten-free meets organic: the Schär BIO line is born

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The new line of Schär BIO products is born: sandwiches, pasta, snacks, biscuits and snacks, gluten-free and now also organic

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Many of the products are also lactose-free: soft sandwiches, crunchy and light slices to enjoy alone or to prepare canapes, chocolate or apple breakfast biscuits, penne and spaghetti are suitable for those who are lactose intolerant and who have chosen to follow a vegan lifestyle, as well as celiac people.

The products offered by Schär are therefore tasty, but also environmentally friendly as they are organic. In fact, organic products do not contain any GMO ingredients that are potentially harmful to us and the planet and are free of preservatives, flavors and artificial colors.

Organic gluten-free products: good, healthy and environmentally friendly

In proposing the new organic line, Schär has set itself the goal of offering more sustainable products for everyone, to meet the needs of those who care about their health and that of the planet. includes products to be enjoyed at home and away from home, good and naturally gluten-free and now also organic.

In the selection of ingredients, Schär has chosen to guarantee high quality and maximum safety, making use of expert and competent suppliers, reliable and able to offer guarantees on the raw material supply chain.

The recipes to prepare pasta, snacks, sandwiches and snacks are then formulated with the collaboration of a team of nutritionists, so as to be able to offer balanced products from a nutritional point of view, a fundamental aspect for those with intolerances and, therefore, can meet to shortcomings.

Nutrition experts are also available for advice and consultancy to help face the daily food choices of people with intolerances in a calm and simple way.

The new Schär Bio line therefore combines goodness, nutritional value, safety and love for the environment, because it is produced with gluten-free ingredients, with recipes formulated in a balanced way and now also organic.

To further safeguard the environment, the plastic used for packaging has been replaced, where possible, by recycled and recyclable materials, such as FSC-certified paper, a brand that guarantees responsible forest management.


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