When a glass or cup breaks, don't make this common mistake

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Glass tumblers are made of materials that cannot be recycled. That's why they can't be thrown into the glass dome.

When a glass, but also a mirror, a ceramic plate or a cup break, we instinctively throw the shards in the glass. Wrong! These are in fact materials that  DON'T è possible to recycle. It must be remembered that the glass collection is intended for packages and packaging, not for other objects. So yes to glass bottles and jars, but no to glasses, which will have to be thrown away in the undifferentiated.

In general, the glasses must be disposed of among the residual waste, because in addition to sand, soda and lime, they are usually also made up of other non-recyclable materials. If you throw them in the glass container anyway, they may be there problems with recycling later, which could compromise the entire batch of glass conferred and nullify the work of differentiation also done by other citizens.

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Why should glass glasses not be thrown into the glass bowl?

Why recyclable glass is only the one that bears the wording "VE". Or other indications that always indicate that it is packaging glass and are "GL", "70", "71" and "72".

So glass bottles and jars that usually have these words are recyclable (but remember to remove the caps and lids), while the glasses both whole and broken are not recyclable because the glass used to make them is not pure but it is composite and risks to compromise the entire batch of glass in which it was present.

Like glass glasses, do not throw in the recycling bin:

  • Broken bulbs, which do not even go to residual waste, but to special containers that you will find in your ecological island
  • Broken glasses
  • Window panes
  • Goblets and crystal glasses
  • Porcelain or ceramic objects: they must not be thrown into the container intended for the separate collection of glass, as they are made of different materials from it: plates, cups, bowls, oven dishes and all porcelain and ceramic objects
  • Glass ceramic pans: the cups and pans in pyroceram type pyrex they cannot be disposed of in the separate glass collection
  • Screens and mirrors
  • Pc, tv, smartphone and tablet screens and mirrors 

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