What is the healthiest morning habit to adopt immediately at breakfast to lose weight?

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Introducing more fruit throughout the day can help us lose weight and get fitter - why not start eating it in the morning?

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In a process of weight loss or weight maintenance theadoption of healthy eating habits plays a very important role. Eating a rich breakfast, introducing more legumes and whole grains to replace the white ones, limiting the consumption of meat and processed products, abolishing carbonated drinks and "hidden" sugars are habits that can help us lose weight in the long run.

The good habit that more than the others can help us in the weight loss process, however, is that of consume fruits and vegetables more often during the day: Nutritionists recommend at least five servings a day - two of vegetables and three of fruit. Fruits and vegetables, thanks to their high fiber content, help us maintain a sense of satiety for many hours to follow - and this limits the intake of other food sources; moreover, they are rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories, to the advantage of our weight loss.

Start the day with a tasty fruit-based smoothie is perhaps the best way to realize the habit of consuming fruit during the day: this product, easy to make and without the addition of sugars, will provide us with the right energy charge and will give us that sense of satiety thanks to which we will be able to reach lunch time without being too hungry. In fact, many people think that eliminating breakfast can help you lose weight, but in reality it is just the opposite: skipping a meal like breakfast will make us hungry and we will end up eating voraciously and uncontrollably, nullifying the sacrifice made.

The perfect diet smoothie

To create a perfect breakfast it is good to seek the right balance between proteins, "good" fats and fibers. A combination of ingredients that satisfies this balance well is constituted by mango (fibre), greek yogurt (proteins) e coconut milk (fat). The recipe is very simple: each ingredient must be added in part equal to the others - for example, a cup; we also recommend using frozen mango already in small pieces to obtain a more dense and creamy consistency.

When we buy mango from the supermarket, we carefully read the label and the provenance of the fruit: it is in fact a once only tropical fruit, grown in very distant regions of the world - this involved a huge cost in terms of pollution, linked to transport to our supermarkets. For some time, however, mango production has also arrived in our country (in Sicily or in Salento): choose a local fruit will allow us to reduce the environmental impact of our smoothie. As for coconut milk and yogurt, make sure you choose products no added sugar and low in fat: the sweetness will be given by the sugars naturally contained in the mango.

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