What is demyelination, the nervous system disorder that Fedez suffers from

A few years ago, Fedez said he had received a diagnosis of demyelination. The rapper has not yet clarified whether it is the disease he has bravely talked about in these hours, but let's try to understand what it is and what it entails

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A few hours after Fedez's outburst about his illness, the toto betting has already started. Will it be a tumor or is there something else? Beyond he insults that (also) he received on social networks and vulgar comments that have flooded him and that leave the time they find, many have really worried and remembered when, in 2019, the same singer already mentioned his health problem.

I was found a thing called demyelination in the head, they are at risk of multiple sclerosis, just over two years ago on Peter Gomez's TV show, La confessione, su Nove.

He hasn't talked about it since and, on the contrary, he has always shown himself to be really able to cope with the urgencies of others and to inaugurate lucky fundraisers, especially in the very early days of the pandemic.

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But what is the ailment that Fedez suffers from?

What is Demyelination

Most of the nerve fibers inside and outside the brain are found in many layers of tissue made up of a called fat myelin. These layers form the myelin sheath, which conducts nerve signals along nerve fibers quickly and accurately. When the myelin sheath is damaged, the nerves do not conduct nerve impulses normally and, more importantly, sometimes the nerve fibers are also damaged.

If the myelin sheath regenerates itself (it is possible) the nerve function can return, but if it is severely damaged the underlying nerve fiber has no escape. The nerve fibers of the central nervous system cannot fully regenerate, so they are permanently damaged. Some disorders that cause demyelination essentially affect the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

In adults, the myelin sheath can be damaged or destroyed by:

  • ictus
  • infections
  • diseases of the immune system
  • metabolic disorders
  • nutritional deficiencies (such as vitamin B12 deficiency)
  • poisons (such as carbon monoxide)
  • medications (such as the antibiotic ethambutol)
  • excessive alcohol consumption

This destruction is called demyelination. Some disorders that cause demyelination have no known cause and are known as primary demyelinating disorders. The most common of these disorders is multiple sclerosis.

Cos'è la sclerosi multipla

It is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system that can lead to progressive disability and is caused by an abnormal immune system response that causes inflammation and damages myelin and neurons.

The loss of myelin, precisely demyelination, and of neurons, neurodegenerationm compromises the transmission of nerve impulses between the brain, spinal cord and the rest of the body causing the typical symptoms of multiple sclerosis, such as balance and coordination disorders. fatigue or impaired vision. The lesions can appear in different areas of the brain and spinal cord. To date, there are no definitive treatments for multiple sclerosis.

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Source: ISS

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