What happens to your body if you wear a bra at night?

What happens to your body if you wear a bra at night?

Let's see together if the bra, a symbol of femininity, can be used at night or must be demonized

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Let's see if this garment symbol of femininity must be demonized and what are the advantages of sleeping without the constriction of clothes

Is wearing a bra even in bed, while sleeping, good or bad? There are those who are used to never parting with this undergarment, and there are those who would rather do without it and in the evening can't wait to get rid of it - but who is right? In reality, sleeping with or without a bra makes no difference - it all depends on our habits: there are no scientific studies that show that wearing a bra even at night helps to keep the breasts compact and to improve muscle tone which, with age, tends to get lost. Conversely, there are also no studies that advise against wearing the garment at night: the fact that it negatively affects circulation or breathing is not supported by scientific evidence.

Of course, the use of an underwire bra should be avoided, as it can be uncomfortable, or made with synthetic fabrics, as they do not allow the skin to breathe. Those with small breasts could also avoid wearing a bra, while those with more generous breasts can opt for some comfortable models, specially designed for night rest - such as sports bras and brasseries: in this way the breasts will be adequately supported. conveniently and comfortably. Even new mothers who are breastfeeding are advised to wear a bra at night, since breasts swollen with milk can be heavy and painful and prevent a healthy rest.

However, we suggest that you sleep completely naked every now and then (via underwear too!): sleeping without any clothes on, beyond the season, has in fact many physical and psychological benefits. First of all, the quality of our sleep will benefit because, whatever they say, sleeping naked is much more comfortable than any pajamas; the skin, not constrained by clothing and free to breathe, can regenerate more easily and is less exposed to the risk of dryness, acne or bacterial infections (especially in the private parts); finally, our body will cool down evenly, avoiding nocturnal awakenings or difficulties in falling asleep. (Also read: Why you should never go to sleep with socks on, even if it's cold)

But sleeping naked has many psychological benefits as well: it allows us to improve the relationship we have with our body and to increase our level of self-esteem - especially for those people who do not feel comfortable with their body and tend to cover it in every situation. This results in an improvement in mood and social relations: we are more confident and we know how to present ourselves with greater confidence to our interlocutors. Also, if we sleep with a partner, sleeping naked increases the levels of intimacy and confidence, as well as mutual attachment.

Sleeping naked can be difficult, especially if you live at home with parents or young children, but every now and then (at least once a week) it's worth a try - even now it's very cold. To overcome the embarrassment of the first few times we can start by removing one garment at a time, to give us time to get used to the new condition ... the benefits will not be long in coming!

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