What happens to your body if you eat pancakes for breakfast every day

You might think pancakes are a great breakfast, but here are some drawbacks related to the excessive consumption of this dessert

One would think that a breakfast based on pancake is ideal for our health, because it allows us (in a greedy way) to stock up on energy and nutrients, but this is not always the case. Here are some drawbacks related to excessive consumption of this dessert.

I am one of them most popular breakfasts overseas (along with scrambled eggs with bacon), protagonists of films and TV series. Enriched with fresh fruit, maple syrup, chocolate or jam, pancakes make for an easy-to-make, filling and nutrient-rich dish - a great propeller to start the day with oomph and energy. If consumed occasionally, for example on the weekend with the whole family, they can be part of the awakening ritual. But what happens if we eat them every morning? Here are some 'side effects' resulting from too frequent consumption of pancakes.

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Abdominal swelling

It is possible that a plate of pancakes can make us bloated and heavy, and that could be due to the strong presence of gluten in this dish. In fact, pancakes are prepared with refined flour, which could cause poor digestion: according to a study, even if you are not celiac (intolerant to gluten), our intestine can still develop a sort of 'sensitivity' to this element. and triggering autoimmune mechanisms similar to those seen in intolerant people. 

To overcome this problem, you could opt for protein pancakes, prepared with oat or legume flour (for example, chickpea flour) or a mix of gluten-free flours. The texture will be as soft and delicious as that of traditional pancakes, but without the unpleasant feeling of bloated belly!

Excessive consumption of sugars

A plate of pancakes, especially if enriched with fruit, chocolate and other sugary toppings, could represent the entire amount of sugars we must take daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle: just think that a single teaspoon of maple syrup contains, alone, 22 grams of sugar and therefore, if we pour two on our pile of fluffy pancakes, we have already far exceeded the daily sugar intake (estimated, according to the American Heart Association, around 25 grams per day for women and around 36 grams for men).

Feeling sleepy

This 'side effect' is strictly connected to the excessive presence of sugars in pancakes which, if at first they provide a burst of energy to be burned quickly, this first impulse has a short duration and then leads us to feel a sense of fatigue: blood sugar levels suddenly spike, followed by an equally sudden drop that causes us to feel the need to take a nap. Also in this case, as to remove the risk of abdominal bloating, just opt ​​for less refined or protein flours with which to replace the white flour, responsible for the glycemic peak. 

Fiber intake

Obviously, it is necessary to use whole or otherwise unrefined flours to have this health benefit - a real panacea for the mobility of our intestines. Oatmeal is particularly suitable if we want to take on a lot of fiber already during breakfast without incurring the risk of glycemic peaks: this flour contains a specific type of fiber called beta-glucans which, according to this study, not only help our intestine to maintain itself. healthy, but they also help keep blood sugar levels low (especially in people with diabetes).

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