What happens to your body and mind when you sleep? 7 surprising things you (maybe) don't know

Did you know that 7 surprising things happen to your mind and body while you sleep? Between paralyzed muscles and an ever-active brain, we discover why sleeping is so good for us.

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Sleep well and for the time needed it is extremely important for the maintenance of our health. By resting properly you can be more productive in work activities, creativity and memory will be improved, the immune defenses increase and our skin will be brighter and we will not have those annoying dark circles. (Also Read: Here's How Your Nutrition Can Help You Get a Better Night's Sleep)

Let's explore others 7 benefits that happen while we sleep.

What happens to our body when we sleep

The brain sorts and processes the information of the day

Il brain it does not go out even while we sleep. In fact, it stays awake to sort and archive all the information you collected during the previous day, a particularly important process for creating long-term memories that we can resume at a later time in our life.

Hormones are activated in the body

During sleep several are released hormones in our body, each having a different purpose. There melatonin, released by the pineal gland, controls sleep patterns. It is released at high levels during the evening to give you the feeling of being sleepy. While you sleep, the pituitary gland releases somatotropin, which is the so-called growth hormone which helps your body grow and repair itself and promotes water absorption in the intestine and sodium retention in the kidney.

Your sympathetic nervous system relaxes

During sleep, yours sympathetic nervous system, which intervenes in the control of involuntary bodily functions, has the opportunity to relax. When we are deprived of sleep, in fact, the activity of the sympathetic nervous system increases, which is also reflected in an increase in blood pressure. It is possible that there is a relationship between the reduction in sleep duration and the increased risk of heart disease.

Lower stress hormone levels

The levels of cortisol, namely thestress hormone, decrease during the first hours of sleep and reach their peak immediately after waking up, this helps us wake up and ignites our appetite.

Your muscles are paralyzed

Sleep is characterized by a cyclical alternation of 5 phases, in turn divided into two macro-moments: NREM phase (non-rapid eye movement) or peaceful sleep e REM phase (rapid eye movement) or active sleep. It is during REM sleep that we have the most vivid dreams and during this phase your muscles are temporarily paralyzed, which means you cannot move. Some scientists think this does not make you physically realize what you dream of.

Antidiuretic hormone helps you not to pee

Have you ever wondered why you have to go to the bathroom every two hours during the day, but can sleep eight hours straight without ever feeling the need? This happens thanks to the vasopressin or antidiuretic hormone released from the brain which interrupts the need to urinate during the night.

Your immune system releases cytokines that fight inflammation

While you sleep, your immune system releases small proteins called cytokines. If you are sick or injured, these cytokines help your body fight inflammation, infection and trauma. Without enough sleep, yours immune system it may not be able to perform at its best.

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