Weight loss diets: which one to choose?

    Weight loss diets: which one to choose?

    There are many diets and they all have their host of testimonials and followers who swear, how to choose the right one?

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    Lucia lost 9 kg with the Zone diet, Carla 11 kg with the Paleo diet. Elisabetta instead lost 7 kg with a classic Mediterranean diet and Sara 5 kg with the Vegetarian one. How is it possible? How is it possible that all diets lead to weight loss and all fail at the same time?

    There are so many diets and all of them have their own host of testimonials and followers who swear by the effectiveness of this diet and on the fact that it has made them lose weight.

    So what is the reason for the effectiveness of a diet? Why do you lose weight? Do each of us respond differently to diets or is there a biochemical individuality?

    "Not at all. We all respond to the same biological laws "

    says Dr. Carla Leone, nutrition biologist and collaborator of the independent publishing house in the field of fitness and nutrition Project Invictus, whose portal collects tips for an effective weight loss diet.

    “If we go to a biochemistry book or a physiology book we will not find different metabolisms depending on the individual. The laws are universal and the fascinating thing is that the biochemistry is the same, both for the beating and for the elephant ”.

    The reasons why we lose weight are always the same: to introduce fewer calories than what is consumed, and thus create a condition of caloric deficit, or to increase energy expenditure, consuming more energy with physical activity than we introduce through the 'Power supply.

    The doctor continues

    I add 100g of pasta to several of my patients for lunch and dinner and they are all happy. They lose weight and report to friends that they eat more than before.


    No, it's really just a matter of perception. Now they measure the amount of what they eat, dose the oil and seasonings; before maybe they ate less pasta, but they didn't realize everything they introduced during the day. When they come to the studio you ask them what they eat and they answer little or nothing: a salad, some chicken breast, two potatoes… Many of us have no real perception of what we introduce by eating. Conversely, a diet forces us to pay attention to what we eat both in terms of quality and quantity. It helps us lose weight because it gives order to our diet and forces us to strictly follow it.

    But how do the various types of diet differ? The zone diet gives blocks, intermittent fasting a time slot where you can eat, ketogenic removes carbohydrates while a vegan diet provides meat and animal products. All of these strategies are an indirect way to take in less energy. We can blame overweight on carbohydrates, fats, proteins, intolerances, inflammation, etc. etc. In reality, we simply eat too much compared to how much we move.

    "However, there are also cases where the opposite is true"

    - adds the doctor -

    “This is the case of young girls who say they eat and in reality eat too little. In this case, cutting calories is counterproductive, you have to do a metabolic construction job, go up to let the body find a new balance and then eventually cut from there ".

    The message to be passed on is this: it is important to have a real awareness of what we introduce into our body through food. In fact, several studies have shown that people underestimate their calorie intake by up to 50%. Having rules is the first step, together with choosing healthy and filling foods, to find the right weight.

    What is the best weight loss diet? It is the one that is most sustainable for you. What you like to eat? What makes you hungry less? And finally, what is the most protectable diet for you?

    Because if, as you eat today, during the diet, you will not be able to do it tomorrow, the results obtained will be doomed to fade!

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