Watermelon Art: 10 original and creative ways to serve watermelon

Watermelon is the queen of summer, a fresh and tasty fruit that is usually loved by everyone, even children. Here's how to serve and decorate watermelon thanks to food art.

THEwatermelon it is the queen of summer, a fresh, thirst-quenching and tasty fruit that is usually loved by everyone, even children.

You can make it even more appetizing and special thanks to some tricks and ideas that will allow you to transform it into colorful animals and objects to be positioned as a centerpiece, also adding other fruit to create fruit salads.

Here how to serve and decorate watermelon thanks to food art.



From a normal watermelon here is born a porcupine, which will be a beautiful centerpiece from which your guests can use them directly to take pieces of fruit with toothpicks, which form the quills of the porcupine. You can create eyes with blueberries and nose with figs, always with the help of toothpicks.

photo source: countryandvictoriantimes.com


To make a nice rabbit a starting with a watermelon will take a little more skill but the secret is all in starting to experiment. In addition to the pieces of watermelon, you can serve a fruit salad of strawberries and berries. With blueberries and raspberries you can create eyes and nose, while for the mustache use the white part of the watermelon cut into strips. THU all explanations.

photo source: watermelon.org


Here is another really fun project that will allow you to create a truly original dish to serve with watermelon. It involves carving the fruit to form one shark and to insert inside many cubes of colorful and tasty delicacies, in order to form a fruit salad. Here the complete tutorial.

photo source: goodsmiths.com


Watermelon once again changes shape from usual and turns into an elegant fruit cake. You will need to create the base of the cake by cutting the top and the bottom of the watermelon. Then with the special tool you will dig the pulp of the watermelon to obtain many balls, which will become the decoration of your "cake", as the photo shows well.

photo source: pinterest.com


Here is a very simple idea to do to serve watermelon to children - and not only - in a fun way. You will only have to cut the watermelon into slices and decorate each one with a slice of melon to form the mouth, slices of cucumber and plums or other small fruits for the eyes and peel of the cucumber to create the tentacles of the jellyfish.

photo source: littlefoodjunction.com


Finally a really healthy barbecue and all fruit. You can turn a large watermelon into a decorative barbecue thanks to the wooden sticks for the skewers. Then you will prepare lots of fruit cut into slices and pieces, without forgetting the melon and the same watermelon cubes. The effect will be truly original.

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Watermelon can also become a wonderful one turtle thanks to food art. In this case you will have to carve the watermelon with a lot of patience on the outside to be able to form the hexagons that make up the shell of the turtle, as in the photo. Inside you can serve a fruit salad of watermelon and berries. THU all instructions.

photo source: hgtv.com

8) pram

Here is another truly unexpected creation. It's about making one wheelchair a starting from a normal watermelon, complete with a baby-doll created with fruit compositions. For the wheels of the wheelchair you can use large slices of lemon and raspberries or other berries. THU the video tutorial to follow.

photo source: betsyciao.blogspot.com

Little stars

To create these skewers with watermelon stars this time you will not have to work so much on the outside of the fruit as on the inside and the pulp. You will have to slice the watermelon in order to obtain stars, perhaps with the help of a metal cookie cutter. Then you can serve them with a wooden toothpick. THU the complete tutorial.

photo source: domesticfits.com


Finally, there are also those who have thought of carve a beautiful rose inside the pulp of a watermelon. True, it takes a lot of patience, but then the result will be truly amazing. You can complete the dish with grapes of different colors and with melon and watermelon pulp balls. THU the complete tutorial.

photo source: instructables.com

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