Wasp stings: 10 natural remedies

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Natural remedies for wasp stings. What to do in case of wasp stings? First, you need to check that the sting is not present.

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What to do in case of wasp stings? First, you need to verify that the sting is not present. Otherwise, you will have to remove it gently, using a sterilized needle or tweezers.

Eliminate the sting it is essential to avoid further release of poison. Only at this point can you apply one of the natural remedies we suggest to relieve redness, swelling and pain. If you are allergic or have a reaction that you have never had before, it is advisable to go to the emergency room immediately, especially in the presence of severe and generalized symptoms such as difficulty in breathing or feeling faint. If, on the other hand, an extensive local reaction occurs, it is advisable to go to the treating doctor. In less serious cases, however, these natural remedies can help to calm the discomfort.

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Baking soda

Il sodium bicarbonate is a multipurpose remedy, Useful also for wasp stings. You will have to mix a teaspoon with a littlewater until a mixture with a spreadable consistency is obtained. Apply it to the sting for a few minutes, before rinsing with cold water.

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Apply one to the wasp sting ice bag and let it act for 20 minutes. Ice will help relieve pain and reduce swelling. If you use gods ice cubes, wrap them with a handkerchief or a thin towel.


Vinegar is a very useful natural remedy for wasp stings. Its application on the affected area neutralizes the poison. Soak a tissue or cotton ball in vinegar and apply it to the skin. It is also possible to pour a couple of drops of vinegar directly on the sting.

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Apply one lemon slice on wasp stings neutralizes the venom and helps relieve pain and swelling. You can also use del lemon juice. Apply a few drops directly on the sting, or on a cotton handkerchief, which you will place gently on the skin.

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Onion is a natural remedy with strong medicinal properties, very useful for wasp stings. Just slice an onion, or divide it in half, and apply it on reddened area until the annoyances are gone.

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Another great natural remedy is garlic. Just chop one or two wedges finely. Apply thechopped garlic on the wasp sting and let it sit until the pain and redness disappear. You can wrap the affected area with a tissue.

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Basil is rich in beneficial essential oils, which help relieve the discomfort caused by wasp stings. You just have to finely chop one or two fresh basil leaves, so that they release their precious substances. Apply them on the skin and let it act for as long as possible.

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Potato slices or peels are a natural remedy used mainly for sunburn. However, they are also very useful in the case of wasp stings. Their content of starch soothes red and irritated skin. Apply them on the skin gently and without rubbing.

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Il aloe gel is one of the best substitutes for common post-puncture ointments. You can extract the aloe gel directly from the leaves of the plant or buy the ready-made product at a herbalist's shop. Just apply a small amount on the sting to get an immediate soothing effect.

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Lemon balm is a strong medicinal plant calming and soothing properties. In case of wasp stings, you can apply one or two to the skin fresh leaves of lemon balm, after having chopped them. You can also prepare a regular brew, with two teaspoons of dried lemon balm per cup (or with a tea bag). Apply the cold infusion to the wasp sting with a cotton swab or tissue.

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