Walks, parks and physical activity: what changes for children and adults from May 4th

Strolling in parks and public gardens and playing sports even outside your home will be allowed from May 4th. The news

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From 4 May we will be able to go out for a walk, to do physical and sporting activities even in the parks, not necessarily near the house and in any case always equipped with self-certification. The new DPCM which governs the 2 phase introduces some news on outdoor trips, but there is no shortage of doubts.

Pending further clarifications from the Government and the Ministry of the Interior, here is what the new decree says and what are the innovations expected from 4 May.


The news from May 4th

There are two main innovations introduced by the new DPCM of 26 April 2020:

  1. the first is that "public access to parks, villas and public gardens" will be allowed even if it is subject to compliance with the interpersonal safety distance of one meter. In any case, gatherings will be forbidden, and it will be up to the mayors to give the last word.
  2. the second is that you can move to do sports, there will be no obligation to stay near your home, always respecting the distance of two meters from the others.

In fact, this also depends on the various regional provisions. For example, from today in Campania it will be possible to go out for a walk even with a family member or cohabitant but always in the vicinity of one's home.

Parks open, but doubts about the play areas

Doubts remain on this front. Under the new rules, you will be able to go out for a walk and so will the children (according to the provisions of the previous DPCM), but the play areas will remain closed, as stated in the decree:

In fact, Article 1 says that

“The areas equipped for children's play are closed"

but according to what is read on the website of the Ministry of Health

"Access to public parks will be allowed respecting the distance e regulating the entrances to children's play areas".

Returning to the decree, according to the provisions of the new rules, the mayors will be able to

"Order the temporary closure of specific areas where it is not possible otherwise to ensure compliance" with these safety measures, ie in parks and public gardens.

Playful or recreational outdoor activities not allowed

Reading the DPCM it is also clear that

“It is not allowed to play outdoor play or recreation; it is allowed to perform individually, or with a companion for i minor o people who are not completely self-sufficient, sports or physical activity, provided that in any case in compliance with the interpersonal safety distance of at least two meters for sporting activity and at least one meter for any other activity ".

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Who CANNOT get out

There are some categories of people who, despite the small openings, will still not be able to leave their home. It is about the

"Subjects with symptoms of respiratory infection and fever (greater than 37,5 ° C) who must remain at their home and limit social contacts as much as possible, by contacting their doctor".

The ban also applies to those who are "subjected to the measure of quarantine or tested positive for the virus".

Will children have to wear masks?

As illustrated by the new decree, it is mandatory

"Use respiratory protection in closed places accessible to the public, including means of transport and in any case on all occasions when it is not possible to continuously guarantee the maintenance of the safety distance"

but children under the age of six are not subject to the obligation, as well as

"The subjects with forms of disability not compatible with the continuous use of the mask or the subjects who interact with the aforementioned ".

The doubts

However, the doubts remain many and will probably be clarified over the next few days. For example, one wonders if one can use the car to go to the park. On the basis of what is illustrated by the decree it will be possible to do so.

Another doubt concerns the walks. Will we be able to stop in one place, be it a street or a park? We asked the Carabinieri, according to whom theoretically you cannot stop on foot and in any case any form of gathering must be avoided. However, there is still a large space for interpretation.

Do you also need self-certification?

The Carabinieri confirm that in any case, both within their own municipality of residence and for other trips, the self-certification must be shown, also for walks and sports activities. One is enough for the parent, in the case of outdoor walks with minor children.

Step 2: Change the self-certification, but it will always be necessary. You need a reason to move

Second houses

Doubts also remain on the front of moving to second homes. Compared to the current restrictions valid until May 3, the new decree does not mention it so theoretically it is not prohibited but how could this move be classified?

Here the video of Giuseppe Conte's press conference

HERE the full text of the Prime Minister's Decree of 26 April 2020

Sources of reference: Government, Ministry of the Interior

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