Walking even just 10 more minutes a day extends your life

If every adult over 40 walked or exercised an extra 10 minutes a day, 111.174 deaths a year could be avoided.

It would take just 10 more minutes to walk a day to avoid more than 111.000 deaths a year. This is according to a 2022 study published by the scientific journal JAMA Internal Medicine, which examined data on physical activity and the death rates of thousands of American adults to try to understand. how daily physical activity could prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths every year.

The research was based on data provided by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and examined the physical activity levels of nearly 5.000 participants, aged between 40 and 85, also monitoring mortality rates through the end of 2015. The study showed how walking just 10 more minutes each day could lead to a longer life.

The 10 minutes of motor activity that lengthen life

A 2015 British study had already shown that 150 minutes of physical activity each week (the standard recommended by the European Union) reduced the risk of premature death by 25% compared to people who exercised less. In the study published by JAMA Internal Medicine, however, we wanted to experiment how even a few more minutes of daily motor activity could influence annual mortality rates. The researchers studied data from the approximately 5.000 participants surveyed based on how many minutes a day they walked or otherwise exercised. The researchers also took into consideration smoking addiction, diet, body mass index, and other similar factors.

The results of the study are very encouraging: according to the research, if each adult walked or exercised 10 minutes more per day, 111.174 deaths a year could be avoidedor 7% of all deaths in a typical year in the United States. When they considered 20 minutes of extra physical activity per day, the number of potentially avoided deaths jumped to 209.459. Tripling exercise to 30 more minutes a day avoided 272.297 deaths, or nearly 17 percent of annual deaths.

Walking in the fresh air for 10 minutes every day is therefore a non-exhausting, effective and easily implemented physical exercise, which could have a huge impact on the health of every individual in adulthood.

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Source: JAMA

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