Vitamin D: the newly discovered beneficial effects on the bladder and urinary tract

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Recent research has shown that supplementing with vitamin D is effective in treating some bladder disorders

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Recent research has shown that supplementing with vitamin D is effective in treating some bladder disorders

La bladder health it's something people don't think about until a problem arises. Anyone suffering from overactive bladder, incontinence, disorders of the pelvic floor or repeated urinary tract infections know how life-threatening this can be.

There is an important nutrient for bladder health than a new one search indicates as crucial, and of which most people have a shortage, we are talking about vitamin D.

According to an article published inInternational Urogynecology JournalVitamin D deficiency is linked to overactive bladder, incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, and lower urinary tract symptoms. The researchers performed a review of previous studies, all of which took place around August 2020, and analyzed the data collectively seeing a clear connection between vitamin D and bladder health. 

Nutrients related to bladder health

Recently published research has identified a clear one connection between vitamin D and bladder health, although the reason is not yet fully understood. 

Vitamin D is one fat-soluble vitamin, which plays a role in the intestinal absorption of several nutrients. Calcium, magnesium and phosphate are all absorbed by vitamin D and play a role in kidney and bladder health. Recently, there have been studies that have evaluated vitamin D deficiency and the effect on urinary incontinence; it seems, in fact, that a deficiency is responsible for incontinence problems.

The reason why the football it is important for bladder health is because it helps with the muscle contraction, including the detrusor muscle. This is found in the walls of the bladder and remains relaxed to allow for urine to be stored, contracting when you pee to release it. Likewise, according to one search, magnesium and phosphate play a role in muscle and nerve function, while vitamin D helps with the absorption of these nutrients, which is why it is so important for bladder health.

How to get nutrients for a healthy bladder

Unfortunately, nearly half of the population does not get enough vitamin D. The bladder is not the only reason it is important to have enough, in fact, the vitamin D deficiency it is linked to a higher risk of certain cancers, muscle weakness and digestive disorders.

There are several ways to increase vitamin D levels, the first is through food. Another solution is the supplements, or expose yourself as much as possible to the sun, which is a good source of vitamin D, although in this case it is important to use adequate sun protection; for example, just 15 minutes of direct exposure a day can help meet the need for vitamin D.

So, because vitamin D has so many health benefits and ensures that other important nutrients are well absorbed into the body, getting enough contributes to our overall physical well-being, not just the bladder. 

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