Vitamin D: from the sun, well-being for bones and brain

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Vitamin D, a panacea for the brain. Vitamin D is essential not only for bone health, but also for keeping the brain healthy. The main source of vitamin D for our body is the sun. In fact, thanks to exposure to sunlight, our body is able to synthesize this substance in the best way.

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La vitamin D it is fundamental not only for the well-being of bones, but also to keep the healthy brain. The main source of vitamin D for our body is the Sun. Thanks to exposure to sunlight in fact our body is capable to synthesize this substance in the best way.

The experts advise so a sun exposure of at least 30 minutes a day, when the season allows it. In any case, all year round, life in the open air is good for avoiding vitamin D deficiencies. This vitamin is activated by the sun's rays and acts to strengthen bones and protect the brain and neurons.

This is confirmed by a research conducted at theUniversity of Kentucky, which highlights the new benefits of vitamin D, with particular reference to the brain. Vitamin D would in fact favor theelimination of toxic substances able to hinder the activity of neurons, almost suffocating them.

Lo study in question was published in the scientific journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine. According to the researchers, it is imperative that our bodies have adequate levels of vitamin D. They recommend that the intake of supplements it should be limited only to cases of real deficiency and which should always take place under the supervision of the physician.

Therefore the vital importance of sun exposure is confirmed once again. And as for thesupply? A further study showed that mushrooms they can provide a useful supply of vitamin D to our body. According to research conducted at Boston University, exposing the mushrooms to the sun for 60 minutes before cooking and consuming them would double their intake of the substance.

According to US experts, the vitamin D deficiency can favor the brain injuries. This deficiency is widespread especially among the elderly. In fact, the researchers observed how low levels of vitamin D influenced the oxidative state of the brain between middle age and old age. They therefore stressed that the levels of vitamin D must be within the norm in order to counteract the negative action on the brain and on the neurons of the free radicals. So let's not forget to spend time outdoors throughout the year, to allow our body to always have adequate levels of vitamin D.

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