Vitamin B12 - The signs on your skin that could be a symptom of a severe deficiency

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Among the various symptoms that signal a lack of vitamin B12 within our body, there are some that occur on the skin that should not be underestimated.

La Vitamin B12 it is essential for many bodily functions, including maintaining healthy blood and nervous systems. Since vitamin B12 is exclusively of animal origin, those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet must take it through supplements, in order not to run the risk of not developing one shortage. Common symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency include fatigue, headache, and mouth ulcers.

However, there are also signs that show up on yours skin which may suggest a deficiency in vitamin B12 levels. Among them the British NHS highlights the paraesthesia, an alteration in the sensation of the limbs or other parts of the body. A typical example of paresthesia is the tingling, which manifests itself as a tingling sensation in the skin, as if ants were passing over it. The symptom often occurs in the hands, legs, or feet and arises when B12 levels drop. This means that the body is producing less myelin, a fatty substance that covers and protects the nerves.

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Another skin symptom that may signal your body needs more B12 occurs when your skin takes in a pale yellow color. Experts attribute this effect to the impact that a vitamin B12 deficiency has on the production of red blood cells in our body.

Others common symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency are:

  • Impaired motor skills.
  • Impaired cognitive function.
  • Loss of vision.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Digestion problems.

The main food sources of B12 are eggs, fish such as salmon and tuna, milk and animal organs. For those who do not eat meat or follow a vegan diet, we recommend taking supplements or adding la to their diet soy, nights, the vegetable and Whole grains, other elements very rich in vitamin B12. (Also Read: Liquid Vitamin B12 Supplements, Everything You Should Know Before Taking Them)

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Source: NHS

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