Vitamin B12 and drug interactions: Do not take it if you are already taking any of these 8 medicines

Vitamin B12 should not be taken when on certain drug therapy due to likely side effects.

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La Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is essential for the proper functioning of our body, as it helps in the formation of Red blood cells and White blood cells. Its deficiency can cause serious damage to the human body and for this reason it is necessary to take a certain quantity (between 2 and 3 micrograms) every day. (Also Read: Liquid Vitamin B12 Supplements, Everything You Should Know Before Taking Them)

B12 is mainly present in foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products, this can mean that those who follow a vegan diet o Vegetarian food may not absorb the required amount of this vitamin and must therefore take it supplements. However, B12 supplements can interact negatively with some drugs, leading to the development of symptoms such as lack of energy, memory problems, and digestive problems. Let's see specifically what are the medicines to pay attention to.


Drugs that interact with vitamin B12 supplements


La colchicine is a medicine used to treat attacks of gotta. It can interfere with some receptors in the lining of the small intestine involved in the absorption of vitamin B12. It may therefore be necessary to monitor vitamin B12 levels while taking a drug such as colchicine.


La metformin is a commonly prescribed drug for 2 type diabetes. Although it does not have serious side effects, the medicine can block the absorption of vitamin B12 in the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the risk of deficiency. On average, 6% to 30% of people taking metformin may have a B12 deficiency.


The consumption of alcohol, even when it's moderate, it can irritate the stomach lining, which can lead to decreased acid production. Vitamin B12 requires acid in the stomach and a protein called intrinsic factor to be absorbed properly. Alcohol can ultimately alter the way vitamin B12 is absorbed, so beware of those medications containing it ethanol.

H2 antagonists

H2 histamine receptor antagonists they are more commonly called H2 antagonists and are a category of gastroprotective drugs that work by blocking the production of hydrochloric acid induced byhistamine. As we have already mentioned, a reduction in stomach acidity can lead to a lower absorption of B12.

Proton pump inhibitors

- proton pump inhibitors they can help treat stomach ulcers and gastrointestinal reflux disease symptoms. Since they work primarily by decreasing the production of acid in the stomach, these drugs can reduce the absorption of vitamin B12 in the body. It is important to monitor your vitamin B12 levels if you are taking them, especially if you are deficient in vitamin B12.


Drugs anticonvulsants used to treat seizures can affect the metabolism or processing of vitamin B12 in the body. Studies have shown that anticonvulsant drugs can reduce the levels of folate and vitamin B12 in the body.

Sequestrants of bile acids

I sequestrants of bile acids are drugs to lower the cholesterol. They work by absorbing cholesterol molecules in the intestine and promoting the elimination of bile acids in the stool. They can interfere with the absorption of calcium, folic acid, iron and vitamins, including vitamin B12. Taking bile acid sequestrants with vitamin B12 supplements can lead to a decrease in vitamin B12 in the body, which could increase the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.

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