Vegan tarts: 10 recipes without milk, butter and eggs for all tastes

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Vegan tarts, here are many recipes to prepare vegan pies at home for all tastes, without milk, butter and eggs.

Vegan tarts, here is a collection of recipes which will allow you to prepare your vegan pies at home without sacrificing fragrance and taste. It's all about recipes without butter, milk and eggs, suitable for those who are allergic or intolerant to these ingredients. Among the proposed recipes you will also find pies gluten free and without refined sugar.


Vegan blueberry tart

This tart prepared with buckwheat flour and stuffed with blueberry jam is both vegan and gluten-free. In fact, buckwheat flour does not contain gluten and there is no need to add wheat flour to prepare the dough. THU recipe.

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Vegan strawberry tart

A slightly different recipe than usual to prepare the Strawberry pie. In fact, for the base you will need almond flour. To fill your tart instead you will use both strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. THU the complete recipe.

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3) Vegan fruit tart

You can also prepare the classic version in a vegan version fruit tart. Your fruit tart will always be different as you can vary the ingredients to fill according to the seasons and your tastes. THU the complete recipe.

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Vegan lemon cream tart

Here is a simple and delicious recipe to prepare yours tart with lemon cream in vegan version. Especially since in the preparation you will need to grate the lemon zest, we advise you to choose organic lemons. THU the complete recipe.

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Vegan tart with chestnut flour

With the Chestnut flour you can prepare many sweet recipes beyond the classic castagnaccio, including this tart in a vegan version with shortcrust pastry based on chestnut flour. With the prunes you will also prepare the cream for the filling at home. THU the complete recipe from our blog Chlorophyll.

Vegan grandma's tart

At the base of this grandmother's tart there is a homemade shortcrust pastry prepared with wholemeal flour and fioretto corn flour. For the cream you will need vegetable milk (we recommend rice milk), corn malt and lemon zest. THU the complete recipe from our Naturomania blog.

Vegan orange cream tart

A vegan tart with orange cream prepared without refined sugar. Here is a dessert that you can simply make at home following the indications of natural pastry, without sacrificing taste. THU the complete recipe from the blog L'Indispensabile Cucina Mobile.

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Vegan apple tart

You can prepare one at home vegan variant of the classic apple tart without using any animal-derived ingredients. This vegan apple tart is suitable for a snack, for breakfast and for any occasion. THU the recipe for the vegan apple tart proposed by Gustissimo.

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Vegan raspberry tart

You can also prepare a delicious vegan tart with the raspberries. If you have the opportunity to pick fresh raspberries, take the opportunity to prepare a delicious tart. To make the cream, you will need cashews and coconut milk. THU the complete recipe.

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Vegan apricot tart

If you love tarts with apricot jam, here is an idea for you to prepare them at home apricot tart in vegan version, without butter and without eggs. You can use homemade apricot jam. THU the complete recipe.

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