Vegan protein breakfast for those who have time counted in the morning

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The protein breakfast is a perfect way to keep fit and to start the day with the right energy

La protein breakfast it represents a perfect way to keep fit and to start the day with the right charge as it provides all the nutrients necessary to fill up with energy and allows you to feel full for a long time, avoiding high-calorie snacks and binges at lunch. Even those who have chosen a lifestyle vegan or who has short while can indulge in an excellent protein breakfast, thanks to specially formulated preparations.

What is vegan protein breakfast

La vegan protein breakfast allows you to start the day in the best possible way and keep fit, without exceeding carbohydrates and sugars and avoiding animal fats. In fact, filling up on protein as soon as you wake up guarantees more sense of satiety avoiding feeling hungry shortly after breakfast or overdoing the calorie intake during snacks and lunch.

Compared to the traditional protein breakfast, the vegan breakfast provides balanced carbohydrates, proteins and fats protein are of vegetable origin and, not including any ingredient of animal origin, is free of cholesterol.

Protein breakfast is often associated with sportsmen, but in reality is suitable for everyone, not only to those who play sports. Who wants keep fit and healthy, in addition to physical activity, should take care of nutrition and follow a balanced diet without calorie excess. For this purpose, the protein breakfast can be of great help because it allows you to start the day in a balanced way both from the point of view of nutrients and calories.

Those with limited minutes in the morning no longer have to give up a healthy and protein-rich breakfast as there are so many today ready-to-taste solutions or to be prepared in a short time, even in the vegan version.

The vegan version of the protein breakfast for those with limited time

If you are running out of time in the morning, you can still enjoy one full protein breakfast, also in vegan version. In fact, there are many solutions, ready or to be prepared in a very short time, suitable for those who want to support themselves fit and healthy with taste.

Foodspring, a company specializing in protein foods for those who care about their fitness and health, offers a truly wide range of vegan breakfast products, starting with vegetable protein powder for the preparation of protein drinks, based on pea, chickpea and sunflower proteins. Foodspring protein drinks are available in vanilla, chocolate or neutral flavors, do not contain soy and gluten and are enriched with zinc, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, folic acid and biotin.

Also try the protein muesli formulated with organic soy flakes, dried fruit, crunchy seeds and berries. High in fiber and with a whopping 17% protein per serving, it is naturally sweet because it contains no added sugars.

Those who have little time in the morning can also enjoy excellent peanut butter, a source of proteins and precious fatty acids, spread on a slice of crispy low-carbohydrate bread and enriched with vegetable and gluten-free proteins. The protein bread mix is ​​available in convenient packs that contain all the ingredients already dosed and can be prepared the night before: the procedure is really simple and affordable for everyone, each slice provides 11 grams of protein.

An alternative to bread is given by protein pancakes, a novelty at Foodspring: vegan, gluten-free, with few sugars and lots of proteins, incredibly soft and tasty, which are prepared in five minutes.

If, on the other hand, you don't even have 5 minutes to cook in the morning, you can try another of the novelties of Foodspring's vegan protein breakfast: the vegan chocolate bars, delicious and rich in protein and fiber, but without soy and gluten, perfect for vegans, lactose intolerant or for those who want to fill up on vegetable proteins starting in the morning, but have little time available for breakfast.

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