V3Solar: the cone-shaped rotating photovoltaic 20 times more efficient

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The new solar panels of V3 solar are conical and rotate so as not to overheat, but they perform 20 times more than traditional ones

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Il PV could be the future 20 times more efficient than the current one. All thanks to the new cone-shaped rotating system made by Design Nectar on behalf of V3Solar.

A traditionalist sector after all, the photovoltaic one. Although technologies have made it possible to obtain improvements in terms of energy efficiency through new solar cells, the shape of the panels it hasn't changed over time. Even large solar parks have rows and rows of rigid panels, although there are those that follow the path of the sun.

The new Spin Cell di V3Solar it's a little different. Thanks to its shape (but not only) it could be able to generate electricity over 20 times more than a normal panel with the same area of ​​photovoltaic cells, thanks to a combination of concentrating lenses, dynamic spin and advanced electronics.

First, the lenses concentrating, needless to say, they attract sunlight. This form of light concentration was already known to increase production, but excessive heat has proved problematic. It would be like holding your hand steady under a magnifying glass. The heat produced by the sun would be harmful to our skin. Remember the classic experiment of the sheet of paper that ignites with a magnifying glass positioned above? More or less the same thing would happen. With i static solar panels using standard solar test protocols, the heat would quickly reach a temperature above the safe operating range for photovoltaics.

Now imagine of move your hand back and forth under the magnifying glass. We will continue to receive the same light, but less heat. This means that the photovoltaic system continues to 'work' despite movement, however within a safe temperature range.

La rotation of the V3Solar cell maintains the photovoltaic fresh. The spin also creates a "Dynamic Rate Flash", a kind of strobe light. This concentrated flashing light hyper-excites electrons, in turn creating more electrical energy. And the shape, what is it for? It also captures more light during the day and all year round.

The Spin Cells can also be organized on a special light pole (already patent pending). This could prove particularly useful for urban areas. "Producing clean, renewable energy that can be installed at the point of consumption is a rewarding business," said Michael Neistat, CEO of V3Solar.

Will solar cones be the new frontier of photovoltaics?

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