Typical cuisine at the Vegetarian Festival: the recipe for vegan frico

Also protagonist at the Vegetarian Festival is frico, a typical dish of Friulian cuisine proposed here in a vegan key

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Between the fluttering white flaps of the stands and trays loaded with veg dishes, began the V edition of the Vegetarian Festival, housed in the suggestive setting of Borgo Castello. And despite the rich program of cultural and recreational events, the heart of the festival naturally remains the food.

The offer of gastronomic products follows that of the previous edition, but with some interesting news. Some dishes are now classics, always appreciated: from cannelloni with ricotta and spinach to pie with soy sauce for vegetarians, from cous cous with vegetables to soy stew for vegans. They fit into the veg-menu, this year, the salads.

However, the king of vegetarian gastronomy in these lands can only be the frico, typical dish of Friulian cuisine.

Prepared according to the most diverse recipes, the frico proposed at the Vegetarian Festival, produced in cucine Biolab, follows the classic recipe: potatoes, cheese and skilful processing according to tradition. It is a dish that comes from the poor cuisine of the woodcutters in Carnia, in the mountains of Friuli, where it was cooked on the fogolâr, the symbolic hearth of Friulian houses.

Fascinated by the history of frico and its simple but unmistakable flavor, we try to provide you with the recipe even for those who have chosen not to eat any animal derivatives. In this case, just replace the traditional cheese with a non-cheese with a hard texture (easy to grate but at the same time melts well)


Vegan potato frico

Ingredients (2 people)

About 200 g of vegetable cheese

3 medium sized potatoes, thinly sliced

half a glass of extra virgin olive oil


Put the potatoes in a non-stick pan with oil and sauté them over high heat, turning them continuously until golden, but always being careful not to scorch them.

Once cooked, add the cheese and continue stirring until it is melted and well blended with the potatoes. If you want, add some pepper and compress everything into a circular cake.

Serve with polenta or with a good vegetable side dish: it is ready to be served at the table.

Lorenzo Alberini

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