Type 2 diabetes: the risk increases if you work too hard

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A new comparative study says that working too much carries a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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Work too much, whoever has experienced it knows, can have impact not only on the nervous system but also on health in general. A new study now even links overworking with a higher risk of developing the type 2 diabetes.

According to the research, led by a team from University College London and published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, taking on an excessive workload during the week carries serious risks. In particular, the danger arises if you work instead of the normal 30-40 hours, 55 hours or more.

The study was based onanalysis of several previous studies (published until April 2014) which had the aim of evaluating the effects of a too heavy working life on the onset of diabetes 2. The team of researchers, led by Dr. Mika Kivimaki, was thus able to note that the people who worked every week over 55 hours they had a 30% higher risk of developing diabetes. The results have also taking into account lifestyles of the analyzed sample: if people smoked, exercised, were obese, etc. and main characteristics such as age and gender.

It was then seen that the risk was particularly high if they worked too hard low income people, probably those who did even the heaviest or most stressful jobs and who could not delegate to others, at least in part, work or family tasks.

If possible then, not only to avoid the risk of diabetes, but also to devote ourselves to sports, hobbies, other creative activities, anti-fatigue or simple rest, we try to work within the capabilities of our physique, without exaggerating. He won't earn our wallet but probably our health!

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