Type 2 diabetes is prevented with pistachios

    Type 2 diabetes is prevented with pistachios

    Pistachios contain good fats, antioxidants, fibers and other substances that allow our body to better manage sugars. That is why they are useful in the prevention of diabetes

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    A new weapon in the prevention of type 2 diabetes comes once again from nature. These are pistachios which, according to new research, would be useful above all before the disease appears help keep blood sugar under control.

    This conclusion was reached by a study carried out by the Spanish university Rovira i Virgili, presented in Sofia as part of the European conference on obesity. The research tracked 54 obese or overweight people considered to be in the pre-diabetes stage. The sample was given a Mediterranean-type diet for eight months and a part of them consumed 57 grams of pistachios per day.

    Eating pistachios hadn't caused the group that had taken them to undergo weight changes but what they noticed was that the insulin level had dropped considerably, or the body was able to manage sugars better. All this because pistachios contain good fats, fibers and antioxidants which, according to experts, would help the body to make better use of sugars.

    Researchers therefore recommend eating not only pistachios but also walnuts every day or otherwise whenever you have the opportunity, in this way it helps to improve overall health. However, the advice of maintaining a healthy body weight eating in a healthy and balanced way and practicing regularly physical activity.

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