Turmeric and hepatitis alarm. Do we have to forgo its benefits for this?

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In the last period there is much talk of turmeric due to some supplements that have caused several cases of acute cholestatic hepatitis. Is it therefore the case to give up the benefits of this spice? Let's be clear.

In the last period there is much talk of turmeric because of some supplements which have resulted in several cases of acute cholestatic hepatitis. It is therefore appropriate to give up the benefits of this spice? Let's be clear.

The alarm launched by the Ministry of Health in relation to some is still valid turmeric supplements, accused of causing a particular form of hepatitis (acute cholestatic, non-infectious and non-contagious) whose cases have risen to 16.

In fact, the investigation by the Ministry that continues to monitor the situation of supplements based on this spice does not stop. A new brand has recently been added to the list of recommended and absolutely to be avoided supplements that reach 21 (find the other supplements in this article).

  • This is Curcuma Piperina Abbè Roland produced by Studio 3 Farma srl

Then there is another food supplement based on turmeric phytosome and echinacea Movart brand (30 tablets), produced by Farmaceutici Procemsa, which was spontaneously withdrawn by the company due to chemical risk. The offending lot is number M70349 (deadline 8.2019).

A team of doctors and experts is constantly active on the issue, trying to understand how the contamination of supplements occurred and where it started from. In the meantime, what to do? Can we continue to take turmeric or not?

As the Ministry rightly points out, while awaiting the analyzes, consumers are invited, as a precaution, to suspend the consumption of the products indicated and to pay attention also to online purchases.

However, given that other supplements could also be contaminated and therefore dangerous, it would be good to avoid them before the Ministry's investigation is actually concluded and has clarified what really happened and how many products are really contaminated.

Choose quality supplements and ask your doctor for advice

The intake of supplements should be evaluated together with your doctor and the products chosen on the basis of their quality, always with the help of a doctor or pharmacist. In fact, it is not a question of harmless products, just because it is on a natural basis. Among other things, there are known contraindications to curcumin, which therefore should not be taken lightly.

For example, there is a dangerous interaction with some drugs and the risk of running into problems if you suffer from gallbladder stones. Side effects that can occur when used in excessive doses (or if you are particularly sensitive to its active ingredients) are nausea, diarrhea and a sense of respiratory fatigue.

Among other things, there is also the suspicion that the cases of hepatitis that have occurred are linked to the abuse of these supplements.

Consume the spice

For the moment, although certainly less effective, we can choose to integrate turmeric into our diet using the spice accompanied by a pinch of pepper or a fatty substance, thus increasing its bioavailability for our body.

It is certainly not a curative solution but it undoubtedly offers some benefits, even if in small doses and as long as it is included in a healthy lifestyle that includes the right diet and a good dose of physical activity.

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