Tumors, a henna tattoo to give women a smile

The work of a Canadian charity to stay close to women with cancer

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Henna Heals makes tattoos. Henna Heals is an association close to women suffering from cancer. Henna Heals is, literally, thehenna which heals, which gives them a smile and makes them forget the ugliness of the consequences of chemotherapy.

The association is the one created in Canada initially by 5 tattoo artists so as not to leave alone those women who, due to a tumor, have to undergo chemotherapy therapy and pay the bill from a psychological point of view.

It is not cheap, in fact, lose your hair, the main symbol of femininity. This is why the task assigned to itself by that Toronto company, which has now become so global that it already counts today 150 volunteer artists all over the world, is to embellish with henna tattooed motifs where there was a hair.

In practice, the volunteers of the association carry out wonderful henna tattoos on patients' heads to make them even more beautiful during the long therapy. From floral motifs to phrases, from religious messages to personalized symbols: real ones crowns they will make it clear that a new way to feel better for those women exists.

“It is important for women to feel beautiful and feminine even during illness,” she explains place founder Frances Darwin.

For now, the association has launched a campaign to create and train tattoo artists around the world. In the United States there are already many professionals working with cancer patients, while in Europe there are only two. For this Frances Darwin launches an appeal from her site to all those who feel they want to participate in this important mission.

Germana Carillo

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