Triple negative breast cancer: an effective treatment could come from a common spice used in the kitchen. I study

A molecule in cardamom, a common spice used in cooking, could help fight breast cancer, according to a new study

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Cardamonin, a molecule present in cardamom and in other plants it has shown an interesting therapeutic potential for triple negative breast cancer, a cancer that mainly affects young women, usually under 50 years of age.

Il triple negative tumor it represents 10-15% of all cancers affecting the breast and its name derives from the absence on its cells of all three molecular targets for which there are targeted treatments.

As a result, this type of cancer cannot benefit from some treatments available for other cancers, including hormone therapy, and is difficult to treat. aggressive and with a high mortality rate.

For this reason, research is focused on the study of safe and effective therapies and, as often happens, these therapies come from medicinal plants.

According to a new study, this time the therapy could come from cardamom. There cardamonina present in this spice would in fact be able to target the gene that helps cancer cells to evade the immune system.

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The researchers analyzed how cardamonin affects the expression of the programmed cell death ligand gene found in cancer cells. This gene is overexpressed during breast cancer progression and plays a vital role in helping breast cancer cells to evade the immune defenses.

Treatment with cardamonin has been shown to kill cancer cells in African American and European women and to inhibit ligand gene expression in European women, which is relevant for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer.

La search was presented a few days ago at the annual meeting of the American Society for Investigative Pathology. Although this is preliminary research that needs further studies to define its anticancer efficacy and safety, the results of this first analysis are promising.

The fact that cardamom has been used for centuries as a spice and as a natural remedy proves that its intake is safe and this increases the potential of cardamonin for its use as a treatment.

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Sources of reference: Experimental Biology / AIRC

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