Tracheitis: symptoms, causes and natural remedies

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Tracheitis, symptoms and natural remedies for inflammation. Tracheitis is a disease that occurs mainly in the winter months.

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La tracheitis it's a'inflammation of the trachea which can occur in an acute or chronic form. In some cases we speak of acute tracheitis.

It often occurs in association with inflammations of other parts of therespiratory system, with particular reference to larynx. It is a disease that appears especially in the winter season.


Causes of tracheitis

Among the causes of tracheitis we find the action of several microorganisms which can be represented by the streptococcus, pneumococcus and flu virus. Not infrequently, tracheitis occurs in association with other disorders affecting the throat and respiratory system. In the presence of whooping cough, tonsillitis or bronchitis, tracheitis could also appear, such as inflammation of the trachea.

Among the causes of tracheitis are also the cigarette smoke. Tracheitis is contagious when it is caused by viruses or bacteria. It is also referred to as allergic tracheitis when it is linked to pollen and other allergies respiratory allergies. Also it stress can contribute to the onset of tracheitis.

Symptoms of tracheitis

The most common symptoms of tracheitis relate to the appearance of pain in the throatdifficulty swallowing high fever, redness and burning in the respiratory tract, dry cough but also cough with phlegm, burning in the chest.

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Natural remedies for tracheitis

First of all when you are sick, especially in case of contagious tracheitis, it would be good avoid crowded environments which could put stress on the respiratory system and put you in contact with other diseases. In this case, in fact, the symptoms of tracheitis could worsen and the healing times would risk lengthening.

with the trick better to take a little rest to allow the body to recover from the disease. We list a few natural remedies which are recommended in case of tracheitis. These are simple suggestions that do not in any way replace the advice of experts, but that can help you when you contact your doctor or your trusted herbalist to choose how to treat your tracheitis. Here are a few natural remedies for tracheitis.

Gargling with herbs

La Phytotherapy suggests practicing gods gargling with herbs in case of tracheitis, to relieve inflammation and swelling. It involves preparing infusions or decoctions with beneficial herbs and letting them cool and then using them for gargling a couple of times a day or in any case according to your habits. Herbs useful for gargling are thyme, laurel, cumin and Origan (Cf. "Health without medicines. Let's cure ourselves with natural medicines" Librex, 1992).


THEacupuncture it acts on the point called "extreme insufficiency" placed on the lung meridian, in correspondence with the articular crease of the wrist (this point is located just above it). An acupuncture expert will be able to show you the best way to intervene in case of tracheitis to act on the points that can help relieve the discomfort.

Poultice with flaxseed flour

To obtain the flaxseed flour just chop the seeds finely with an electric coffee grinder. The poultice with flaxseed flour it is recommended as a natural remedy to relax the muscles of the trachea and bronchi, to thin the phlegm and promote expectoration. The flour is mixed with hot water and the poultice is applied to the back or chest, as if it were a compress (See “Simple and natural remedies”, Giunti Demetra, 2009).

Infusion of chamomile and eucalyptus

A recommended remedy in case of tracheitis and bronchitis (since the two pathologies can be associated) concerns the preparation of an infusion with 10 gr of chamomile flowers, 20 gr of eucalyptus leaves, 10 grams of orange leaves and 10 grams of lemon balm leaves. You can buy all the ingredients in herbal medicine. The doses indicated are for 1 liter of water. The suggestion is to drink the infusion three times a day (See “Tisane, the taste of health”. Giunti Demetra, 2010).

Essential oils for the respiratory tract

In case of respiratory problems, such as trahceitis (but also bronchitis and pharyngitis) there are some particularly suitable essential oils to be used for i fumigations. It is aboutessential oil of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil. Some essential oils are also suitable for internal use, to be taken in very small quantities, mixed with sugar or honey. However, essential oils should never be taken orally without the guidance of an expert. So you will have to strictly follow the advice of your herbalist or pharmacist.

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You know other natural remedies for tracheitis?

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