Touching the bottom is good: now find the strength to go back up

    Touching the bottom is good: now find the strength to go back up

    In life there come those moments when you think you have "hit rock bottom", they are the moments when we learn more to look within and find the strength to react

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    Life is getting out of hand and you think you are not up to it expectations - yours or others - and never being able to do enough? So stop for a moment, take a deep breath and try to analyze your real situation right now.

    Now maybe you don't need inspiration or rediscover it motivation that pushes you to act, but you should simply regain the courage to face the situation you are experiencing and rebuild your self-esteem from here.

    You know, when you hit the bottom it can be difficult but who can find the courage to do so and to face his fears then he will get back into the game stronger and more brilliant than before. (Read also: Resilience: how to react and get up stronger than before).

    The very definition of “touching bottom” presupposes that we have reached an extreme limit, beyond which we cannot go even lower and, therefore, we can only re-emerge. Unfortunately, however, many still sink or remain bogged down where they fell. For this reason, the point is not to measure the depth of one's pain, but to become aware of one's condition and make sure to change it, to begin to react to act towards a situation in which to be able to breathe again, to live.

    It happens that there are obstacles in life and that not all of our plans go exactly as we would like. You may not even need outside encouragement, but it would simply be helpful to retrieve yours willpower. You've always had her since you've come this far, but now for some reason, especially because the obstacles seem so much bigger than you, you can't get back to her.

    There are some words that are becoming fashionable, such as 'awareness' e 'productivity'. It seems that each of us must always be at the top and that obstacles in life do not exist but if we look reality in the face we know that this is not the case and that, on the contrary, it is precisely the obstacles that help us grow.

    And to face the obstacles it is necessary to look for the strength within us. We can certainly ask for help if we need it, but the drive for true change always comes from ourselves.

    We change our lives and ourselves only when we really want to, not when others ask us to. Everyone has their own path that should always be respected.

    And the first step, of course, is to get rid of fear. Fear of the future, of the unknown, of the consequences, especially those created by our mind. How? Starting to focus on yourself HERE and NOW, to set real and effective goals, without comparing yourself to others.

    It is really useless to make comparisons with who at this moment is having success. Success is usually the result of a very deep commitment and if you want to achieve it too, you should do the same.

    We are not robots and therefore it is not enough to evoke words like 'motivation' and 'commitment' to make things change in a few moments. If we really want change we have to work hard on ourselves, commit ourselves and, above all, take action.

    If we are experiencing a moment of inertia, let's try to accept it, let's use it to analyze the whole situation, to focus on what we would like to become and what our goals in life could be.

    At that point then it will be time to start rolling up your sleeves for build something new without giving up at the first difficulty.

    Only with time will we be able to understand if we will be on the right path to make our dreams come true, but in any case our path, wherever it takes us, will be an opportunity for growth.

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