Total intimate hair removal: it can cause even serious infections

    Total intimate hair removal: it can cause even serious infections

    Two studies point the finger at total intimate hair removal as a cause of an increase in sexually transmitted diseases

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    It seems to be a great deal fashion, especially in Europe and America, total hair removal of the private parts, in some cases also using the laser technique and therefore making it permanent. At the same time, however the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is increasing and between the two, according to some research conducted in Spain and the United States, there is a correlation.

    The trend towards total hair removal of the private parts has sparked a lot of controversy around the world in recent times and even a celebrity like Cameron Diaz intervened on the subject defending the need to maintain the right amount of hair, useful for defending such a delicate area of ​​the female body and, therefore, in effect an important hygiene measure.

    Now comes the confirmation of all this from two scientific studies, the first conducted at the Spanish Academy of Dermatology in Barcelona and the second by the Health Center of Western Washington University. Both have highlighted how this much loved and widespread beauty practice involves against gods very serious risk of contracting diseases, in particular fungi, herpes, Papilloma virus (Hpv), genital warts and syphilis, of which in recent years there has been an increase in reported cases, especially among the very young. Obviously, total hair removal is risky not only for those who perform it but also for the partners with whom it comes into contact and therefore makes these diseases spread more easily.

    Experts call this "absurd" fashion, In fact hair and hair in our body play a very specific role: the hair serves to protect the head from burns and trauma, the eyebrows and eyelashes mean that the risk of injury to the eyes is lower and pubic hair avoids injuries, bumps and genital infections during sexual intercourse. Even the use of condoms obviously protects against the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases but only in part, since its use does not concern the pubic area which, without more hair, is more subject to rubbing that can cause irritation and infections.

    Ma can you at least thin out the hair a little? According to experts yes, the important thing is to keep enough in the central area of ​​the pubis. In the lateral parts, on the other hand, there would not be such a high risk of contagion and more can be cut. The alternative is to join Cameron Diaz's slogan: “bush is back”!

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