Too much sugar in the wine! Two glasses can contain more calories than a hamburger

Research has revealed that drinking just two glasses of wine exceeds the recommended amount of sugar.

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La search conducted by the Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) revealed that two glasses of wine contain more calories and sugar than a hamburger. Thus, it is possible to exceed the recommended daily sugar limit by just drinking two glasses of this alcoholic beverage. (Read also: Food labels: the Nutri-score traffic light kicks off in France. How does it work and what are the risks for Made in Italy?)

A systematic review

The Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) has reviewed the calorie and sugar content of about 30 bottles of red, white, rosé, fruity and sparkling wines sold in the UK. The results pointed out that there was a wide variation in both sugar and calorie terms between the different wines, and that these information was missing on most of the labels; as a result, consumers didn't really know what they were drinking.

The guidelines recommend that you do not exceed 25 g of free sugars per day and, according to the analysis on wines, it is possible to reach almost all this quantity by drinking only two medium glasses.

The research also identified that the wines richer in sugar were those with the lowest alcohol content. In addition, since it is not mandatory to include the sugar content on alcohol labels, consumers do not make informed choices and in this sense can far exceed their daily sugar intake.

The study also looked at wine calories, and it was found that drinking only two medium-sized glasses of the highest caloric wines analyzed they consume more calories than eating a fast food burger. These results underline even more the link between alcohol and the risk of obesity, which in turn can lead to the development of other serious conditions, such as stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

It is important to make informed choices, especially as regards the food we buy at the supermarket; for this reason it is necessary to always read the labels of the products we buy, since it is the only way to know for sure what we bring to the table.

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