To lose weight, change the times you eat! The new study that tells you how

Breakfast and dinner should be done in a limited amount of time if you want to lose weight.

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To lose weight, you need to eat at certain times. In fact, new research has found that changing the time of day for eating meals can lead to weight loss. Making small changes to breakfast or dinner times could help reduce body fat.

A pilot study from the English University of Surrey analyzed the impact of a change in mealtimes on food intake and body composition, finding that "time-limited eating" - a form of intermittent fasting - occurs. has proved useful for those who want to lose weight.

What does it mean? That limiting the number of hours of food available each day can help boost metabolism. That is, "limited time" feeding would have health benefits.

To find out, the team of researchers studied two groups of individuals for 10 weeks: in the first, people had to delaying their breakfast by 90 minutes and having dinner 90 minutes earlier, while the second group ate their meals normally. Everyone could eat freely, but within a certain window of time.

The results showed that those who changed their meal times lost more than twice as much fat on average body compared to the control group.

According to Andrew Mente, who presented the findings at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) conference in Munich, saturated fat in meat and dairy products may have a 'hidden' protective function for the heart. Plus, those who eat more fat are likely to consume fewer carbohydrates, many of which are often processed and sugary, far more harmful.

"Time-limited feeding may have benefits, but it may be difficult to stick to, so larger studies are needed that test the effectiveness and feasibility of different programs," explains Susan Carnell, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences with Johns. Hopkins Medicine.

The secret to keeping fit? For us it is always and in any case a varied diet that prefers unprocessed foods. "Eating well means looking at your diet as a whole, rather than focusing on single elements" and if for some meat and dairy products contribute to a healthy and balanced diet, they should still be consumed in moderation along with plenty of fruit and vegetables, legumes and cereals integral.

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