Tiger mosquitoes: the most effective remedies from coriander and rue essential oils

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Natural remedies for tiger mosquitoes exist and are effective

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I natural remedies for tiger mosquitoes they exist and are effective. One confirms it study of the University of Pisa, published in the journal “Parasitology Research”, a leader in the field of medical-veterinary parasitology.

According to the study, coordinated by researcher Barbara Conti of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agri-environmental Sciences of the University of Pisa, the remedy against tiger mosquitoes comes from nature and, in particular, from three Mediterranean plants and tropical plants originating from North Africa from which they can be obtained environmentally friendly essential oils. The three plant species that can help us live the summer better, without using chemicals, are the Coriander (Coriander) la Ruta d'Aleppo (Ruta chalepensis) e la Lamiacea Hyptis Suaveolens.

The research used the orthe essentials of these three plants (some of which experimentally cultivated at the University of Pisa by Professor Mario Macchia, full professor of Agronomy and Herbaceous Cultivations) which were extracted at the Department of Pharmacy and then tested in the agricultural entomology laboratories. The oils used showed, with the same concentration, one repellency far superior to that of DEET, the synthetic substance so far considered most effective for protecting oneself from tiger mosquito bites which, however, according to recent studies can have toxic effects, especially towards children and the elderly.

"Since ancient times, in many areas of the world, odorous plants that release substances unwelcome to insects into the air have been used as repellents - ha explained Barbara Conti - and leaves of Hhyptis suaveolens, with a pleasant and slightly pungent odor, have always been used by farmers in Central African countries to protect stored crops from insects, while the small plants of Ruta chalepensis in dried bunches are still hung on the windows in the villages of the Maghreb to avoid the entry of mosquitoes “.

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