Tibetan anti-stress techniques to recover energy and inner heat

Two simple techniques practiced by the monks of Tibet can help us overcome stress and recover energy. Let's see how to do them.

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Two simple specifications practicing Tibet monks can help us overcome stress and to recover energy. Let's see how to do them best.

These are two basic exercises that novice monks usually perform during their spiritual training practices. They are based on very simple visualizations, breaths and movements able to relax the body, calm emotions and fight psychic tension. We can therefore experiment with them to eliminate stress.

Stress-relieving walking

Tibetans call "lung-gom" an interesting practice that includes certain postures, energetic breaths and long walks accompanied by deep meditation. The professionals of this technique are real athletes able to cover huge distances quickly, without feeding or resting.

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We can exploit this knowledge by practicing breathing exercises and walking to overcome acute or chronic exhaustion states.

The best times to perform this technique are sunrise and sunset and it should be practiced for about 40 minutes. It is necessary to have a large area for walking, preferably wooded or immersed in nature. The terrain should be as flat as possible.

Before starting, you must lie face up on the ground and take three sets of ten deep breaths bringing air into the abdomen. Then continue with another series of 3 breaths bringing the air to the chest, or contracting the abdomen. After this series of breaths, continue inhaling and exhaling normally for 5 minutes.

Immediately after, you must remain in the child's position for 10 minutes: that is, sitting on your heels with your forehead on the ground and your arms extended on both sides of the body, continuing to breathe. At this point you gently get up and start walking.

During the walk you have to focus on a beautiful image, a color or the sound of the OM mantra, avoiding getting distracted or talking.

This exercise can be repeated once or twice a week for three months.

Revive the internal fire

This technique, known as tummo, generates a lot of internal heat and is used in Tibet mainly to defend against low temperatures. It consists in generating, through visualization, a bright and warm sphere inside the body to then distribute that heat to other areas.

Tibetan anti-stress techniques to recover energy and inner heatGallery

To practice the following exercise, you must be fasting.

You have to sit comfortably on the ground in a meditative posture with your legs crossed or alternatively on a chair with the soles of your feet resting on the floor and your back straight. The hands are on the knees with the palms down.

Breathe for 5 minutes so that the air enters freely through your nose. Visualize the body and imagine that it is a balloon that inflates and empties and that at the base of the spine there is an almond-shaped flame. While the chest receives the air that enters and exits it will fuel the fire and the interior will appear brighter, occupying all the space inside the body.

If the exercise is done correctly you will experience a great internal heat that is actually released thanks to the power of the psyche.

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