Thrush: Symptoms, Cause, and Remedies in Infants and Adults

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Thrush. Commonly used term to indicate candida infection that appears in the oral cavity. This problem can affect infants, children but also adults. Here are the symptoms not to be underestimated and the most effective remedies against thrush.

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Thrush is the commonly used term for infection with candida that appears in the oral cavity. This problem may relate to babies, children but also adults. Here are the symptoms not to be underestimated and the most effective remedies against thrush.

Candida infections can affect different areas of the body, in women often there are problems at the vaginal level, but the situation in which white spots on the tongue or in other areas of the mouth. In this case we speak of oral candidiasis or thrush.




The first symptoms of thrush consist of a redness of the oral mucosa which can also cause burning and pain. After a short time you notice what is the real alarm bell of the presence of oral candidiasis, that is the formation of an uneven whitish patina over the reddened mucosa. They are therefore noticeable white spots above all at the level of the language but which can also extend into the cheeks, gums, throat and corners of the mouth.


These stains, which have the appearance of curdled milk, can be easily removed with the help of gauze. In milder cases, the situation resolves itself within a couple of weeks, otherwise it is necessary to take antifungals (there are also natural ones).

Other symptoms that may appear are pain and discomfort in swallowing (infants often refuse to feed), a feeling of having something foreign in the mouth, less perception of different parts of the oral cavity and small blood loss when the lesions flake.

It is quite simple to recognize the presence of thrush but when in doubt always contact your pediatrician or doctor.


Thrush is caused by the spread of Candida Albicans, a saprophytic mushroom. This microorganism is normally present in our body but it is when it manages to reproduce excessively that problems appear that can occur in different areas of the body: genitals, breasts, mouth and intestines.

In which cases does Candida have the opportunity to take over our body? The situations can be different, for example a diet very rich in sugars (hence these mushrooms are greedy) or thetaking certain medicines that unbalance the intestinal flora such as antibiotics. At the base, however, there is always a lowering of the immune defenses that are no longer able to keep the spread of these microorganisms at bay.

Due to the fundamental involvement of the immune system in keeping Candida at the right levels, thrush is quite common in newborns who have not yet developed the body's defenses well.



There are specific probiotics (lactic ferments) able to regulate the bacterial flora by fighting the advance of candida. It has been seen, for example, that the Lactobacillus acidophilus it is very effective, you can therefore buy the powder for make a baby food to spread in the mouth areas affected by thrush. Just add water or breast milk to the probiotic and then spread the mixture on the baby's mouth by gently rubbing once a day until complete remission. It is also a good remedy if oral candida affects adults.


Even the classic yogurt contains lactic ferments of the acidophilus type and can be applied to the parts of the mouth affected by thrush. Once or more a day it is necessary to sprinkle a few teaspoons of yogurt in the mouth, let it act and then throw it away.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a good natural remedy for thrush as it contains caprylic acid which can fight infections. In this case you have to take a cotton swab pour a few drops of this oil on it and then dab the areas of the mouth affected by candidiasis. But beware of any allergies.

Baking soda

Baking soda is also one disinfectant substance able to fight candida infection. Just dissolve a teaspoon in half a glass of water and then dab it with a cotton swab. The taste, however, especially for children, is a little unwelcome.

Acqua e dirty

Another natural remedy for thrush is a simple solution of water and salt. Just half a glass of warm water with half a teaspoon of salt dissolved inside perform disinfectant rinses.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an antibacterial, antiviral but also essential oil antifungal therefore excellent against Candida. Just pour 5 drops of essence in water and rinse your mouth once or twice a day. However, this is not a suitable remedy for babies or childreni, as essential oils are very concentrated substances that can trigger allergic reactions.

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