This rib eye steak is made in 3D without killing any animals

    The first rib of beef was created in the laboratory thanks to 3D, a synthetic meat made without killing any animals

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    Just a few days ago we were back to talking about synthetic meat, one of the possible alternatives we have if we do not intend to stop (as it seems) to eat meat but, at the same time, we no longer want to weigh so much on the environment. Now comes the news of a new step forward in this sense: the first rib of beef has been created, made in 3D without killing any animals.

    Last week Bill Gates released an important statement that caused a lot of discussion: Rich countries should eat 100% lab-grown meat. On this occasion we had tried to understand at what point we have arrived with regard to its realization and effective marketing.

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    But today we are talking about a new creation: the slice of meat you see on the cover is the result of years of research by Aleph Farms and Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology. In practice, it is meat made in the laboratory without animal exploitation.

    A (live) beef was actually used but only to extract (painlessly) its muscle cells thanks to which many cuts of meat can be artificially created. These cells, treated in the laboratory, were slowly transformed and grown into edible flesh.

    No genetic engineering was used but it was exploited three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting technology and, as already mentioned, the natural building blocks of meat (real beef cells).

    The four primary cells that make up the meat - muscle tissue, fat, blood and supporting cells - create the "ink" used to print the steak.

    Unlike 3D printing technology, Aleph Farms 3D bioprinting technology is the printing of real living cells which are then incubated to grow, differentiate and interact, in order to acquire the texture and qualities of a real steak.

    Aleph Farms is a startup born with the aim of producing meat starting from beef cells that are multiplied using a 3D tissue engineering platform. As early as 2018, the company made a name for itself for making the first laboratory-grown thin-cut steak.

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    Now, after just 2 years, the Israeli startup has the ability to produce any type of steak and plans to expand its portfolio of quality meat products.

    “With the accomplishment of this milestone, we have broken down the barriers to introduce new levels of variety in the cultivated cuts of meat we can now produce. As we look to the future of 3D bioprinting, the opportunities are endless, ”says Professor Shulamit Levenberg of Technion, co-founder of Aleph.

    This artificial rib of beef could arrive in supermarkets in some countries as early as the next two or three years, after the approval of the competent authorities.

    It would also be quick to produce, as the following infographic from Aleph Farms demonstrates:

    This rib eye steak is made in 3D without killing any animals


    Synthetic meat is a "turning point" that we will probably hear more and more about. First and foremost for ecological reasons, we remind you once again that livestock farming currently causes more pollution and the greenhouse effect than all the world's motorway traffic. Secondly, but not least, animal welfare would be guaranteed in this way.

    Do not underestimate the demographic issues and the great challenge of the present and the future: that of feeding a growing planetary population weighing as little as possible on the planet.

    One could directly give up meat, you might say, but it is not always that easy, nor are people all over the world willing to give up meat, as a recent survey has shown.

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    Fonte: Technion / Aleph Farms 

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